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Preface :
Man’s life is very important tree | Because the tree draws air purifier man | Trees provide oxygen to every man |
Your life to live every man without trees are very hard | Why the tree fruit-full, shade, timber and air it receives all Cheesy |
Trees Visyli to purify the air from the air and all is saved from air pollution | Trees are all new life |
Advantages of trees
trees throughout the city around us | We have wood available in the form of fuel | Trees provide the raw material for many industries | Trees soil are able to hold good |
Trees are very helpful in summer | We the trees would benefit greatly | Many are required to stick to the home so cut tree | In reaching damage caused by the environment |
Man does felling of trees for their own interests | But we all must to survive and not felling of trees to protect the environment | Save the trees are very important | Trees are useful to man |

Measures to protect trees
those tree harvesting them will stop working | We need to put more trees from all over | PE trees should reduce Cutting and his place should find plenty of trees |
Complete tree felling environment becomes corrupted | Trees should always take care | All logos must protect the trees |
Let us see what caused the cutting of trees to see there are more tree felling on where | The government banned the felling of the tree | All should Smjana importance of trees | Trees we do not do everything but ask him something in return | We need to be protected | Trees should not be cut |
Trees brings many benefits to each one | Using trees are very important in life | Trees are a valuable thing | Trees should be protected from cutting |

Save the trees need to know the significance of all the trees | So everyone should put more trees and take care of them |

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