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An irrelevant element involved in the air which is harmful to the environment is called air pollution. In India, its biggest cause is due to vehicle pollution which creates many problems including lack of oxygen in the atmosphere that leads to breathing diseases for all the living beings and the major issue of global warming. Vehicular traffic releases toxic fumes consisting of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide, besides other pollutants.

Long and Short Essay on Vehicle pollution in India

Essay on the Effects of Vehicular Pollution (250 words)


Pollution in big metropolitan cities is increasing day by day and the main cause for this is pollution through vehicles apart from the industry. As more people are shifting from small cities to big cities, the number of vehicles is increasing and it deteriorating the air quality badly. Various diseases in big cities are due to vehicle pollution.

Effects of Vehicle Pollution on the Environment

With the increase in the number of vehicles, pollution from these automobiles is increasing drastically. Combustion of fuel in vehicle emits various gases such as Sulphur oxide (SOx), Carbon mono oxide (CO), Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), suspended particulate matter (SPM), etc.

These gases are creating immediate and long-term effects on the environment. The immediate effect is on the human for developing health hazard and the long effect is harming the environment by creating global warming, acid rain, imbalance in the ecosystem, etc.

These gases trap the heat in the atmosphere and leading to an increase in temperature of earth i.e. global warming. This increase in temperature affects ecology such as an increase in sea level; destruction of natural landscapes, drought in many parts of the world, flood, Cyclone, etc. These gases are depleting the Ozone layer; due to this Ultraviolet rays are easily reaching in the atmosphere which is a source of various skin diseases. SOx and NOx in the atmosphere convert into acid during rain and destroy the crops, forest, and other vegetation. The CO2 concentration in the air is increasing and reached up to 400ppm at its alarming level.

Diesel vehicles are more prone to generate air pollution and create various diseases such as cough, headache, nausea, asthma and other respiratory problems, etc. Earlier, lead was used in fuel to increase the efficiency of burning, however, it was discontinued as it was releasing poisonous gases such as lead, benzene in the atmosphere which was more harmful if inhaled by any person.


The effects of vehicle pollution are increasing day by day with the increasing number of vehicles on the road. The effects of vehicle pollution are badly affecting living beings on the earth and causing lots of health-related problems. Slowly but surely, it may make the earth an unsuitable place for living; so, we must take it seriously and run to stop vehicle pollution by regarding all the possible solutions.


Essay on How to Control Vehicular Pollution (400 words)


Pollution through the vehicle is a big problem in the world, especially in metropolitan cities. Vehicles are increasing day by day due to urbanization and an increase in the income of people. Everybody wants to go by own car or other vehicles to avoid the crowd in the public transport system.

How to Control Vehicular Pollution

Here are a few methods that the government is taking to control vehicle pollution:

  • Promoting of vehicle use with CNG Fuel (Compressed Natural Gas) instead of Petrol and Diesel fuel. CNG is called green fuel i.e. pollution from CNG vehicle are very less in comparison to Petrol or Diesel.
  • Regularly check up of pollution from the vehicle through registered Authority.
  • Promotion of Electric operated vehicles to reduce pollution.
  • Phasing out of old or high polluting vehicles from the big city.
  • Implementation of Euro-VI fuel all over India progressively i.e. initially it was implemented in Delhi from April 2018. In other big cities, it will be implementing until Dec 2018. Euro-VI fuel will reduce the sulfur by 50 to 75 in Diesel engines.
  • The government of India is working to introduce LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) as fuel, it will further reduce the pollution from the vehicle.
  • The government has taken initiative to introduce a mass transport system i.e. the number of buses increased, Metro in various cities, Infrastructure development, Improvement in Road network.
  • Implementation of Automatic tag system in Tollbooth so that vehicles can go easily without waiting in queue for the toll.
  • Creating the bypass across the big cities so that vehicles coming from one end will not need to pass through the city to go to another side. Recently Eastern Peripheral Expressway opened that will bypass the Delhi for trucks or buses if they are not having any stoppage in Delhi. It will reduce the traffic situation as well as reduce pollution and save time for the public.
  • Delhi Government implemented the odd-even car to run based on their registration number on a particular day.


For the development of any country, Urbanization is highly required but unfortunately, it has become possible at the cost of the unwanted situation of air pollution all over the place. Maybe Causes are much enough for this drastic issue but there is always a solution to be executed.


Essay on Vehicle Pollution: Meaning, Causes, Effects and Solution (500 words)


A major part of polluted air in the atmosphere is because of the vehicle and other means of transportation via water road or air. Vehicle pollution needs quick attention to control it in a manner to save people’s health and to avoid global warming. In India, some of its metro cities are under so much polluter air that it has become so difficult even to take a breath by people over here. The situation is so worst that Bangalore has got the title of ‘asthma capital of India’.

Meaning of Vehicle Pollution

Vehicle pollution is the pollution caused by the types of vehicles running on the road. Vehicles need petrol or diesel as fuel to get the energy to run which emits various types of harmful gases in the environment after combustion. These harmful gases (carbon monoxide, unburned gasoline, lead, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, etc) get spread in the atmosphere and pollute the pure air thus cause air pollution. Air pollution caused by automobiles/cars/vehicles emissions is called as vehicle pollution.

Causes of Vehicle Pollution

It is clearly defined that the cause of increased vehicle pollution is the increased population of the country and thus rapidly increasing demand for cars, bikes, scooter or other vehicles. Urbanization is also the major cause of vehicle pollution. As people are continuously moving towards the urban cities from rural areas which lead to the growing demand of vehicle on road day by day.

Petrol or diesel-fuelled passenger vehicles emerge a huge amount of nitrogen oxide, carbon mono oxide, Sulphur oxide (SOx) in the air. Vehicles are responsible for the unwanted elements in the atmosphere which directly or indirectly affecting the people and all living beings on earth.

Effects of Vehicle Pollution

  • Vehicle pollution is affecting our environment in various manners like it is making our atmosphere so harmful that to take a breath under metro cities is like just to take slow poison from the air.
  • Multiple diseases are emerging or we can say growing in urban areas due to vehicle pollution.
  • Pollution in the air creates major effects on human health including animals and plants also it is badly harming our ecosystem which results in terms of global warming.
  • The automobile industry is directly affecting 80 to 90% in the atmosphere by emerging greenhouse gases which are a group of compounds that are able to trap heat in the atmosphere, like nitrogen oxide carbon mono oxide, Sulphur oxide (SOx).

Solutions for Vehicle Pollution

Vehicle pollution is a major environmental issue in India that need to be resolved as soon as possible for the sake of our future generation.

  • Air Pollution due to the vehicle can be controlled only by getting strict for traffic rules and by enhancing the quality of the automobile and manufacturing industries.
  • Proper care of tyres and fuel tanks of any vehicles helps in less exhaust emission. Carpooling, use of transport buses, improved and proper road management, use of CNG operated vehicles instead of petrol or diesel always helps in reducing air pollution.
  • Regular vehicle pollution check-up from authorized centers is highly required also its time to remove old vehicles from cities and to introduce electrical operated vehicles in cities for transportation.
  • To control the vehicle on road government has tried to do some efforts from time to time by introducing some new traffic rules like odd-even policy in Delhi NCR which led to run vehicles based on their registration number on their specified day.


Problems have always its solution only we need is to search and apply the better one. In India, Vehicle pollution is at high risk that needs attention and support by each and every person individually.


Essay on Pollution Due to Vehicles /Automobiles/Cars (600 Words)


In this essay, we are taking a serious issue of vehicle pollution in India which is required to solve on a prime basis. As the number of vehicles increases, it leads to an increase in harmful emissions which directly affects air quality. In India, this issue has become so huge in some metropolitan cities that the oxygen level has been decreasing rapidly in the atmosphere.

Vehicles are always counted as responsible for the production of greenhouse gases these are calculated as 70% of CO2, 50% of HC, 30-40% of NOx, 30% of SPM and 10% of SO2 of the overall air pollution over cities.

Causes of Air Pollution Due to Vehicles

Now a day a vehicle has become the need of the general public in cities because of the high distance destinations all over and to avoid the overloaded passenger’s vehicles like autos, buses and local trains. Urbanization is also the biggest reason for the increasing air pollution in India.

  • A huge amount of air pollution creates because of the petrol-fuelled passenger vehicles as it emerges a significant amount of nitrogen oxide carbon mono oxide and other harmful elements in the air.
  • A major part of air pollution by about 35% in the metro cities of India is because of automobiles, cars or other vehicles. Vehicle pollution causes polluted air in the environment and results in a harmful impact on people’s health.
  • Engine exhaust (diesel and gas) carries more than 40 dangerous air pollutants. Uncountable numbers of vehicles on road in metro cities of India are inducing a kind of poison in the air which results in the form of symptoms like cough, headache, nausea and asthma problems.
  • Vehicles play an important role in the formation of ground-level ozone and Carbon monoxide (CO). This colorless poisonous gas is formed by the combustion of fossil fuels such as gasoline and is emitted primarily from cars and trucks.

Increased Demand for Automobiles in India

According to the data in the year 2011, the urban population has increased up to 377million which was only 62 million in the year of 1951. Also adding to this, there were only 18 cities with a population of over 1 million in 1991 which is expended to 46 cities in 2012. This shows the unmanaged unplanned increased population rate and results in the form of the high demand for transportation and its consumption patterns.

There were about 8.9 million vehicles sold in-between the year (2005-06) and it reaches 15 million in 2010-2011. In the period of 2016-2017 for the first time in India Passenger vehicle sales crossed the three million milestones with a growth of 9.23 percent.

By the end of March 2017 domestic passenger vehicles (PV) sales were at 30, 46,727 units against 27, 89,208.

Domestic car sales during the year grew 3.85 percent to 21, 02,996 units from 20, 25,097 units.

Motorcycles sales in 2016-17 were at 1, 10, 94,543 units compared with 1, 07, 00, 406 in the previous fiscal, up 3.68 percent.

Scooter sales in 2016-17 were at 56, 04,601 units in comparison to 50, 31,678 in the previous fiscal, up 11.39 percent.

This shows that the number of vehicles sold in India is increasing fast during the past few years. At the end of the discussion, this all leads to the crucial problem of air pollution in the environment due to vehicles, automobiles, and cars.


Air pollution due to vehicles in India has majorly affected the metro cities. Bangalore has become the asthma capital of the country and in Pune, air pollution has become such a serious problem that the respiratory suspended particulate matter in the air is more than the standard national level.

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