Our country is behind the nation in education | Why because many thinking people wrong and poverty could achieve women’s education was not | But today is thought to be back to improve education in our country |
Female education in ancient times were given no more importance | Each woman had to face the challenges to education |
The men and women in this society it must meet both the same Haqq and rights | Men and women should get both the education similar |
Early plans
government of India to educate every woman has several starting point for all schemes | The plans will be learning of the woman |
Today is going on in the country stand shoulder to shoulder with men to promote women’s education | Woman is growing in every region | Woman daughter Bachao, daughter Pdaon for advancing education plan is implemented | Under this scheme is taught to every one female |

The importance of women’s education
education is the most important in life | Education person works appearing right way | In our country, the importance of women’s education is so, she qualified guidance to complement the future generation and country | All children are exposed to so much woman |
To develop our country, we have to educate women |
Each girl will be educated so there will not Garwyvhar with him |
Each woman will be educated so they can Ld for their rights |
Woman will educate you will do them no exploitation | And shall be exempt from all other practices |
Every single woman would be educated so they will work equal to men in every region | And will develop your country |
To develop our country, we will all people to receive education | Women in life is the most important place of | Woman is a major contribution to the life of education |

When will educate every woman will help our country move forward, society and family | We will postpone all female education | Every single woman is very important to educate |

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