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The proverb “Work is Worship” teaches us that work that we are engaged in is more important than worship. There is no point in spending hours in worship and doing nothing at all. Actual worship is done when we do our work with complete honesty and dedication. If we do our work with passion, performing all our duties, then God will be happy and we will be rewarded, irrespective of whether we worship him or not.

Short and Long Essay on Work is Worship

Essay 1 (250 words)

Work is worship is the famous proverb which means that work is worship in the true sense. Work is truly the worship of the man because without work he cannot survive on the earth. It is our work that gives us a new face and adds meaning to life. Without work-life will be dull, uninteresting, idle and monotonous. Great civilization and culture can be achieved only through committed work.

Man is the most intelligent, skilled and capable creation of the God who can make anything possible through the hard work that’s why work is highly valued over worship. Man has a more intelligent brain using which he can decide the right work to reach the logical conclusion.

An idle man who does not involve in his work interestingly, generally become an unhappy person. It is well said that an idle mind becomes devil’s workshop. The nation becomes stronger when its manpower is fully and suitably employed in the interested field. Without work, one cannot get a worth living. Working with full commitment in our interested field gives us real peace and satisfaction which leads us towards success.

Continuous work makes us more capable day by day which develops lots of confidence. We should work for improvement and stability within us and not for awards and glory. We should not be lazy and work in harmony with the huge desire to progress.

Essay 2 (300 words)

As we all know about the famous proverb ‘work is worship’ which means that without work no one can be blessed by the blessing of God. One who is lazy cannot please God even when he/she worship for many hours; however, one who is committed to his/her work can easily please God even when he/she remembers God only once a day or not. Man is considered as the most intelligent creation of God. The life of man completely depends on their hard work unlike other animals, birds, etc. Man cannot get anything without work even a lazy man starts losing his mind because ‘An idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop’.

The whole civilization of man has been evolved for years only because of their hard work. All the inventions and discoveries in the field of science have resulted in the human’s continuous hard work with patience.


Constant work in the right direction and in the right field leads people towards a successful career and further progress in the future. Work is not like worship but work is worship which we all should follow in our life. We cannot get anything to eat without work, we have to arrange all the necessities then we can live our life.

People, who work regularly and systematically, show better results than lazy people. All the great personalities’ lives are the example of hard works they have done during their lifetime. Continuous hard work does not only lead to better results but also increases the self-confidence level. Developed nations all over the world (like the USA, Japan, China, Germany, etc) are only through their hard works individually and collectively. Lord Vishwakarma is worshiped in India as the great god of the workers to get blessings in order to continue the hard work. However, most of the people become very lazy and expect more than their work.


Essay 3 (400 words)

Whole life is a struggle and we have to be attentive through our hard work to win the battle of life. All the lives taken birth on this planet will die a day. So, to run our life most fluently in the best way, we have to be committed to our work. Time does not wait for anyone so we must make our every minute useful. Our life is full of various events and actions. People are blessed who complete their work timely; however, those who do not, but postpone or hesitate in doing their work, achieve nothing in life. Lazy people can never achieve the heights of glory whereas active people win a list of glory.

People who have a short life but full of action are much better than the people having a long life but full of inactivity and laziness. It is truly said that people with one crowded hour have a worthy glorious life than those who have a long life without a name. Man’s life is counted in quality deeds but not in years because the age and longevity of a man do not matter however work matters.

This proverb ‘work is worship’ tells us about the worth of work together with the worship. It compares the work of a man with the worship of God. The right example is, oak tree lives for years (almost three hundred) however when it falls down, its wood is bald and useless for us. On the other hand, lily flowers live for a day only but it gives a memorable fragrance all around us which creates joy and pleasure within us.

Our noble thoughts are useless if we do not transform them into golden deeds. We should not waste our time crying for the sorrowful past, doing wrong deeds, or waiting for the right time to start a job. All-time is best to start a nice work and win success. If we compare work and worship, we find that God also becomes happy with the hard-working man instead of a lazy man without work.

So, we can say that work is worship because worship without work is nothing however work without worship is everything. We should consider our work as worship and try to be busy in the hard work. Work adds meaning to life and brings confidence and salvation. Work is the best exercise for our body and mind which brings real pleasure in life. Work is also the way to new opportunities together with skill development.

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