Live Webcast of Republic Day Celebration 2019 – For Students and Children In English

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Webcast is one of the best technologies of modern times which uses internet to stream live events. It helps the people who do not have access to the television or other sources to watch the live stream of the event. It helps to watch the whole event at the click of a button on computers, laptops or mobiles. The webcast could also be saved and watched at a later time.

Webcasting the whole event of the Republic Day plays an important role for the people staying abroad where they have a very minimal access to the Indian television channels. Webcast helps them to watch the complete event of the Republic Day at their own will without the need of any television or cable networks. It provides them a clear view of whole event without any interruption. It is also very useful for the people who were unable to watch the Republic Day celebration due to some reason. They can catch up all the events of the celebration and that also at their convenient time and place.

Webcast of last few years of Republic Day celebration are given below. You can watch the webcast by clicking on the links provided below:


Webcast by: DoordarshanNational

Webcast of Republic Day 2019 Celebration

Webcast of Republic Day 2018 Celebration

Webcast of Republic Day 2017 Celebration

Webcast of Republic Day 2016 Celebration

Webcast of Republic Day 2015 Celebration

Webcast of Republic Day 2014 Celebration

Webcast of Republic Day 2013 Celebration

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