Organ Donation Day in India is celebrated on the 13th of August every year by the people, government organizations and other related professions in order to motivate normal human beings to donate the organs as well as to understand the value of organ donation in the life of an individual. The organ donor can be any one of which the organ can be transplanted to the patient urgently require. The organ donated by the normal human being is saved properly to transplant into the patient whenever he or she requires it. One can get a new life through organ transplantation donated by someone.

Organ Donation Day 2019

Organ Donation Day 2019 will be celebrated all over India on Tuesday, the 13th of August.

Importance of Organ Donation

According to the report, at least more than 5 lakhs of the Indians are dying every year just because of the failure of their major functioning organs anytime. They still want to live their life as they are not fully satisfied with their life and want to live more but just because of the natural calamities they are unable to do so. The organ transplantation could play a major role in their beautiful life by increasing their period of living a life more than expectations. The donor of the organs plays the role of God in the life of the organ transplanted person.

One organ donor can save more than 8 lives in his life by donating his good function organs. The Organ Donation Day campaign, which is celebrated every year on August 13th, provides a great opportunity in everyone’s life to come ahead and pledge to donate their precious organs.

It’s the honor of medical researchers who had experimented for years with many failures for getting successful results over organ donation as well as organ transplantation in the living human beings. Finally, they got successful results in the crucial process of organ transplanting. The organs which can be successfully transmitted are kidneys, livers, Bone marrow, hearts, lungs, cornea, pancreases, small bowels through the medical treatments. The organ transplantation and donation both of the processes can be successfully done because of the development of immunosuppressive drugs which can increase the survival rate of organ recipients.

Because of the growth and development of the new technologies and therapies in modern life, the need for organ transplants is continuously increasing with the great extents which need more organ donation every year. Instead of the availability of the great technologies and therapies the death rate has increased because of the shortage of transplant-able organs.


> To aware of the people about the need for organ donation.

> To distribute the messages of organ donation all over the country.

> To remove the hesitations of the people about donating organs.

> To say a grateful thanks to the donors of organs.

> To motivate and encourage more people towards organ donation in their life.

Which organs can be donated?

  • Kidney
  • Lungs
  • Heart
  • Eye
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Cornea
  • Small Intestine
  • Skin tissues
  • Bone tissues
  • Heart valves
  • Veins


There are many initiators of organ donations in the society; one of them is The Times Of India who is distributing the message of organ donation all over the world through the effective and real news on the daily basis including statistics about organ donation need and its fulfillment. The news of the TOI brings hope among the people who really need organ transplantation. It has given the great message under the title of “Life Can Begin After Death”.

According to it, A big number of patients who have organ failure and need the organ of some other person to continue their life all over India. The need for organ transplantation can only be fulfilled by the process of organ donation after brain death. But still, the rate of organ donors in our country is very less just because of the myths and confusion in donating organs. Be the real hero of your family and your great country in your life by donating your precious organs to someone who needs it very seriously.

Organ Donation Drive/Campaign by Times of India

A message by Time of India to all of us:

A mother of a son says her son will be back home for his 9th birthday.

Why is she lying??

Because she cannot tell her son that his liver is failing. She cannot tell him that he is one of the million Indians who need organ transplants. And there simply are not enough donors.

She really has no choice. But, we can do it to happen in real through our organ donation. We need to sign up to be an organ donor and improve her son’s chances of survival.

So, is she still a liar??? That depends on us.

Register to be an organ donor at

To show your support, give a missed call at 8080055555


Statistics according to Times of India

Most of the organ donation in the country is performed annually between the relatives means the person donate the organs only to his relatives. Around 4000 kidneys and 500 liver live donations are being carried out by relatives to their patients only annually in the various hospitals. They donate one kidney and ¾th of their liver (as it can regenerate to the normal size after six weeks).

Around 20 heart and lungs are transplanted annually at the center in Chennai whereas the demand is high. 2 lakhs cornea transplantation is required per year whereas only 50000 are being donated. There is a little action by the Indian people instead of the high awareness about the topic because of their misunderstandings and lack of clarity.

How and where to donate organs

Following are the top NGO’s and organizations of the country involved in organ donation:

  • Mohan Foundation
  • Gift Your Organ Foundation
  • Shatayu
  • Gift A Life
  • Dadhichi Mission from Central India (having centers in Delhi, Modinagar, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bhopal, and Bangalore)

Online organ registry

There is a facility of online organ registry for the people all over India who are willing to donate organs on their own will. The organ registry ensures the proper organ donation as well as the fair use of donated organs in the future according to the priority of the need and requirements of the organs to the recipients.

Indian Society of Organ Transplantation was initiated the Transplant Registry in India in 2005, Cadaver Transplant Programme was initiated by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 2009 and then by the Department of Health, Government of Kerala in 2012 and Department of Medical, Health and Family Welfare, Government of Rajasthan in 2014. There is another plan for the national organ registry by the Government of India.

Organ donor card

Organ donor card provides access to donate organs after death. This facility is provided by the MOHAN Foundation to spread awareness all over the country and get organ pledges. In the last few years, the foundation has distributed millions of such cards in English and other regional Indian languages.

An organ donation drive of March 2012 (DAAN, partnered with HCL Technologies, Chennai Police, Apollo Group of Hospitals, Indian Medical Association, Cadaver Transplant Programme) had received more than 12,900 pledges from doctors, policemen, and corporate employees. However, this campaign run by the Times of India in 2013 (partnered with NGO’s like Shatayu, Gift a Life, Gift Your organ, and MOHAN Foundation) had received more than 50,000 pledges for organs.

Fear and Myths about Organ Donation

There are various fear and myths exists in the people’s mind about organ donation because of low-level awareness. Most people do not have proper awareness about organ donation, which organs can be donated, when they can donate, how to get registered for organ donation, etc. Some people do not interested in organ donation or do not show their independent desire for organ donation because of the family pressure or their own fear and myths.

There is a referral contest for organ donation run by the Times of India

You need to sign up as an organ donor on through your Facebook app. And then invite friends and family too to sign up. Top 50 donors (involved in encouraging more referrals) will get Rs. 10000 by the Times Foundation.

You can also sign up as an organ donor on

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