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Quami Ekta Week 2019

Qaumi Ekta Week 2019 was celebrated in India from Tuesday, 19th November to Monday, 25th November. It is also called National Integration Week and commences on the birth anniversary of the Smt. Indira Gandhi, the first woman Prime Minister of India.

Following is the schedule for week-long programs with the primary aim of fostering communal harmony and brotherhood. The main theme of the week-long programs was “Secularism, Anti-Communalism, and Non-violence”.

The events of Qaumi Ekta Week were organized by the National Foundation for Communal Harmony (NFCH), which is an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Day 1 – Tuesday, November 19th

The first day of Qaumi Ekta Week was observed as the National Integration Day. Seminars, symposiums were held with the main theme of fostering communal harmony.

A colorful program by Press Information Bureau (PIB), Kolkata, was held which began by the staff members of the PIB taking the pledge to the Qaumi Ekta (communal harmony). Similar events were held throughout the country in different places.

Day 2 – Wednesday, November 20th

The second day of Qaumi Ekta Week was celebrated as Welfare of Minorities Day. NFCH also organized brotherhood marches through the riot prone towns of the country, on this day.

Day 3 – Thursday, November 21st

The third day of Qaumi Ekta Week was celebrated as “Linguistic Harmony Day”. On this day special literary functions and Kavi sammelans were held so that the people get to know the rich linguistic heritage of India.

Day 4 – Friday, November 22nd

The fourth day of Qaumi Ekta Week was celebrated as “Weaker Sections Day”. On this day events were held to highlight the government’s welfare schemes for Scheduled Castes (SC) and Schedule Tribes (ST) and other underprivileged sections of the society. The need to distribute surplus land to the landless labors was also discussed.

Day 5 – Saturday, November 23rd

The fifth day of Qaumi Ekta Week was celebrated as “Cultural Unity Day”. The day observed many cultural events to showcase India’s cultural heritage and unity in diversity.

Day 6 – Sunday, November 24th

The sixth day of Qaumi Ekta Week was celebrated as Women’s Day. On this day, discussions were made on the role women play in Indian society; problems faced by the women in the form of gender discrimination and other social evils. The role women play in the development of the nation was also discussed.

Day 7 – Monday, November 25th

The last and concluding day of Qaumi Ekta Week was observed as the “Conservation Day”. On this day several meetings and functions were organized to highlight the need for conservation of the environment and what steps should be taken to conserve it.


Quami Ekta Week (National Integration Week)

Quami Ekta Week or National Integration Week is observed every year all across India from the 19th of November to the 25th of November. During the whole week celebration of the quami Ekta week, various programs are held related to the specific theme of each day celebrations.

Some of the programs like meetings, seminars, symposia, particular legendary functions, cultural activities are held to highlight the themes (national integration, secularism, non-violence, linguistic harmony, anti-communalism, cultural unity, development of weaker sections, the wellbeing of minorities, issues of woman and conservation) of Quami Ekta Week. The celebration of the week starts with the National Integration Pledge.

Quami Ekta Week is celebrated to foster and reinforce the strength of public harmony and national integration. The whole week’s celebrations offer a new opportunity to all to reaffirm the old traditions, culture, and faiths in worth of tolerance and brotherhood in such a multi-religious and multi-cultural societies of India. It also assists in highlighting the inherent strength and flexibility of the country to maintain communal harmony.

National Integration pledge is taken during the celebration to preserve and strengthen the liberty and honesty of India. Pledge affirms that non-violence, peace, and faiths should be continued in order to settle all the differences as well as disputes of languages, culture, religions, regions, and political objections. The whole week celebrations are titled as the:

  • National Integration Day on the 19th of November.
  • Welfare of Minorities Day on the 20th of November.
  • Linguistic Harmony Day on the 21st of November.
  • Weaker Sections Day on the 22nd of November.
  • Cultural Unity Day on the 23rd of November.
  • Women’s Day on the 24th of November.
  • Conservation Day on the 25th of November.


How Quami Ekta Week is Celebrated in India

A cycle rally is organized by the administration to mark the starting of the Quami Ekta Week celebration. The aim of the full week celebrations is to spread the feeling of integrity, love, harmony, and brotherhood among the people of different cultures all over India. The participants of the cycle rally are the students from schools and volunteers from various NGOs all through the country.

Why Quami Ekta Week is Celebrated in India

Quami Ekta Week is celebrated every year promotes unity in the country of diversity (around 66 languages, 22 religions, 28 states, and numerous tribes). It is celebrated to highlight the value and role of women in nation-building. It is highly focused to raise the social status of the woman through various programs. The general public should aware of and understand the issues of both gender equality and rights in the country.

National Integration Week or Quami Ekta Week Meaning

‘Qaum’ is an Urdu term referring to the nationality or religion of an individual or a community as a whole. ‘Qaumi Ekta week’ is, therefore, a week of celebrating and promoting religious harmony by organizing various events; where people from different religions and cultures come together to share their culture, beliefs, languages, and values.

The day was first observed by the NCC (National Cadet Corps) for promoting religious harmony and peace. The week begins on 19th November which is also the birthday of India’s first woman Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi.

It is an attempt to foster the feeling of national integration and national unity among the diverse classes of India. Also called ‘National Integration Week’ it is an effort to reaffirm the mutual trust and harmony shared between different ethnic groups in India for ages.

The week is organized from 19th November to 25th November each year under the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Each day of the week is dedicated to a specific activity or causes like- culture, ethnicity, languages, poverty, women empowerment, weaker sections, tribes of India, etc as decided by the Government.

Importance of Qaumi Ekta Week

Qaumi Ekta Week attempts to develop the feeling of nationality and unity among different ethnicities of India. It also rejuvenates the trust and love that they share irrespective of their states, religions, cultures, customs or beliefs.

People belonging to totally different cultures and religions; share a common platform to understand each other’s cultural and religious beliefs which in turn fosters the feeling of mutual trust and harmony. Events are organized based on themes like culture, languages, tribes, etc which further promotes trust and understanding and also makes aware of the issues of social concern.

It serves as a platform for many organizations as well as various ethnic and religious groups to come forward towards eliminating social and cultural divide and pledging not to resort to any type of violence in case of a religious or cultural dispute and also to take preventive measures to prevent one.

‘The NFCH (National Foundation for Communal Harmony) which is an autonomous body functioning under the Ministry of Home Affairs, also organize a weeklong event to raise funds for the children orphaned by communal riots and natural calamities as well as to promote unity and harmony by organizing various events on the ground level. The fund thus collected by the NFCH is spent on the welfare and education of the deprived children.

There is no second thought about the importance of ‘Qaumi Ekta Week’ given the causes it promotes and the children those NFCH supports under its banner.

Qaumi Ekta Week Pledge

Qaumi Ekta Week starts with the Qaumi Ekta Pledge which is –

“I solemnly (with deep sincerity) pledge to work with dedication to preserve and strengthen the freedom and integrity of the nation”

“I further affirm that I shall never resort to violence and that I will continue to endeavor towards the settlement of all differences and disputes relating to religion, language, region or other political or economic grievances by peaceful and constitutional means”.

Every citizen of India is supposed to take this pledge in his or her office or house on the first day of ‘Qaumi Ekta Week’ and follow the pledge in word as well as in spirit.

Quami Ekta Week Theme 2018

The Quami Ekta Week is observed every year with the main theme of “Secularism, Anti-Communalism, and Non-Violence”. The theme helps to celebrate the weeklong event by presenting the Indian tradition of ‘Unity in Diversity’ and for promoting cultural integration and conservation.


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