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Love messages play a great role in impressing girlfriends or boyfriends and husbands or wives. There are some other ways to impress them such as gifting them flowers, favorite gifts, taking them on dating locations, romantic places, picnic, dinner, walking to the park, peddle a boat and many more. However, saying about them a few little lines can impress them much more than other ways. Follow this simple and easy way to impress your loved ones instead of some expensive and time taking ways. Impress your loved using such romantic, interesting, loving, passionate, adoring, and caring messages in your own words or sent through Email, Mobile, WhatsApp, Instant messaging, Handmade greeting cards or by other means.

I was searching for you for years,
But never got you then decided
Let my love to search for me.


I like my life so much
And want to live forever
As this life has given me a beautiful
Gift of you.


Once I saw a falling star in the night
I wished to get a beautiful angel
And the angel is you which I got forever.


When it happens that
God says what I chose
My life or you
I always chose you
As my life is only you.


2 years ago
I fall in love with you
1 year ago
I proposed you to get marry with me
And now I have a beautiful gift of a lovely baby.


My life is nothing without you
It is just like a planet without life
So, be mine forever.


When I saw you the first time
My eyes were opened,
My heart was beating speedily,
You crossed me
And spread fragrant of a rose,
But I never knew that
I would get an opportunity to love you forever.


Love is like a magic
Sometimes it makes us laugh,
Sometimes it makes us weep
Sometimes it fails and cheats
And sometimes it gets success.


You mate me unfortunately
I saw you intentionally
But love happened naturally
And now we are together, fortunately.


Maybe you do not have a love for me
Maybe you have no love feelings for me,
But I know that my true love
I would bring you to me a day.


I know you do not love me
But why you fed up me
Why you come daily in my dreams
Why you talked to me so nicely


I know I cannot get you

I know you never love me

I know I always miss you

But I know that too

I cannot forget you

And will love forever true……


You say that you do not love me
You say that I am mad
Yes I am mad in your love
I am not mine
My heart is not mine
My life is not mine
Nothing is mine except you
Please be mine forever.


I always miss you
In my every moment
I always want to talk to you
I have my every moment for you
But you never have time for me.


You always have some reasons
To avoid me,
And I have every reason to get you
I wish you to have the same as me.


I always miss you
I always feel a lack of you in my life
But you never miss me even by mistake
You never feel to add me in your life for my sake.


I know I am not so good
Like other girls in your life
But I have a heart full of love only for you
Unlike other ones in your life.


Maybe you not miss me
Maybe you not love me
This time you are not for me
But, one day you will miss me
One day you will love me
And I would be there only for you.


I never wanted to get much from you
I only wanted to be a best friend of you
I only wanted to share all the problems of you
I only wanted to hear the magical voice of you.


I love you so much without any reason
And would love forever without telling you
I don’t know why you are liked by me so much
I don’t know why you looked at me so nicely
But I believe the God;
What happens to me is not, unfortunately.

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Love Messages - For Students and Children In English

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