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Diabetes is a metabolic disease resulting in a high blood sugar level. Some initial symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, frequent urination and loss of weight and appetite. If not treated properly, diabetes could have serious complications and may result in the failure of vital body organs.

It is well said that prevention is better than cure, so people must aware enough to be prevented from this deadly disease.

Slogans are the best way to spread the message among people with the help of a few words only instead of long sentences or paragraphs. Get here some unique texts to say your words about diabetes.

Unique and Catchy Slogans on Diabetes



If you want to remain healthy and fit, avoid excess sugar and sweet.



Diabetes can cause serious medical complications but you can avoid it by regular exercise and medication.



Regular exercise and healthy food will keep you away from Diabetes and feel good.



Use Insulin as directed, it will keep you away from being affected.



Diabetes won’t wait, so lose your weight.




Even sugar becomes sore when is in excess in your blood.



If you count the lethal disease, the first one to come in the list is Diabetes.



Prevention is better than cure; Diabetes will lead you to death for sure.



Don’t hesitate to decrease your weight, Diabetes attacks to those who are fat.



Diabetes is a deadly disease, not a bit less than your enemies.



Diabetes is caused by sweet, keep you away from greed.


Increase sweetness in your words, not in your blood.


Saw the cake? But don’t lick or else diabetes will make you sick.


Diabetes is not the end of joy, cure it and enjoy like a small boy.


Diabetes does not lead you to enjoy free life but to a sugar free life.


Diabetes can cause death but a proper cure can change your fate.


Diabetes makes hard your life; just make exercise a part of your life.


A sugar free will definitely lead to a diabetes free life.


Eat sugar less; live longer without distress.


Walk for few miles a day to keep your sugar level at bay.


Diabetes makes your blood sweet and your life bitter.


Get your sugar checked regularly; in old age particularly.


Eat just enough and exercise, with diabetes no compromise.


Sugar isn’t more precious than your life.


Sugar is good to taste but its excess could make your life waste.


Too much chocolate and cake can put your life on stake.

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Slogans on Diabetes - For Students and Children In English

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