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International Nurses Day is celebrated on 12th May every year in the honor of the contribution made by the nurses to society. The day also marks the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale (12 May 1820 – 13 August 1910), an English Nurse, statistician, and social reformer. She was awarded several distinguished honors like OM (Order of Merit), RRC (Royal Red Cross) and DStj (Order of St John) for her exceptional service as a nurse in military and civil society.

International Nurses Day is celebrated the world over by many countries. So, related slogans may help inspire people to return the gesture to the nurse community as well as convey the significance of nurses in the medical field and society.

Unique and Catchy Slogans on International Nurses Day



A hospital without Nurse is like a building without a foundation.



Give them the recognition they deserve; risking their lives for sicks they serve.



Diseases threw me down, Nurses hold me up.



When diseases try to killing you, nurses work on healing you.



Nurses helps us in sickness so that we regain fitness.




Nurses are selfless, their services are priceless.



A nurse puts the disease in reverse, saving us from its curse.



Let’s be fair, a nurse is not less than a mother who cares.



You just have to make a deal; they have got the power to heal.



Nurse cares for everyone but no one cares for a Nurse.



Nurses make it possible to regain our health after long illness.


No matter how sick you were, you are fine because a nurse was there.


A nurse is not less than an Angel for us.


If diseases are curse; then who can save you is a Nurse.


Caring for one is love but caring for everyone is nursing.


It is a curse, a doctor without nurse.


Nurses are committed to our health, applaud them and wish them health.


Celebrate nurses’ day to thank them, for in adversity, with us they stay.


Only few remain with you in worse – relatives, close friends and nurse.


The day honours nurses around the world, let their greatness be unfurled.


Nurse saves several lives in a lifetime; their help to the society is divine.


Doctors prescribe the medicines, while nurses administer it with care.


When everyone leaves you in sickness, your nurse stays with you.


They are in a highly challenging profession; they must get their due recognition.


Staying with the sick day and night; how many of us could do it right?


Nurse remembers your medicine time; be it late night or daytime.


Disease will finally crushed to ground, if the nurse is around.


She has the strength to face anything and the softness to love anyone.


Your mother cares only for you; a nurse cares for many like you!


A patient surrenders to a nurse, hoping that she will put illness in reverse.


Nurses never get tired, neither their touch ever hurts.

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Slogans on International Nurses Day - For Students and Children In English

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