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Rainwater harvesting is a way we can collect rainwater into the tank, pond or other types of natural or artificial water reservoirs. Harvesting rainwater is an effective technique to maintain the level of water on the earth as well as reducing the use of clean water for all purposes. Inspiring slogans on rainwater harvesting can help to spread awareness among the public to follow the technique in order to minimize the risk of lack of water on the earth in the future.

Find here some of the motivational slogans which you can use on occasions related to water scarcity or save water.

Unique and Catchy Slogans on Rainwater Harvesting




Don’t waste even a drop of water, make earth rich of water.



When earth gets really hot, rain water will be worth a gold pot.



Water level is going low, why we are very slow; Save Rain Water!



Water is essence of life, save rain water.



Use your brain to save water even from rain.




Don’t make earth devoid of water, just save rain water.



Rainwater Harvesting is much better than unnecessary water wasting.



Harvesting rain water is a clever way to save water.



Don’t let the rain water go to the drain; start preserving it with first rain.



Deeds value more than words, save rainwater for birds and cattle herds.



Instead of wasting apply rain water harvesting.


Preserving water will stop earth from being hotter.


Rain water harvesting is a tool, it must be taught in school.


Wasted water can never be regain, try to save every drop of the rain.


Water is our basic need, Rain water harvesting is a social act indeed.


Let’s make a human chain to save every drop of rain.


Save the water to not crave for it later.


Before you get blamed by your son or daughter, harvest every drop of rain water.


Harvest the rain water to get the clean water.


It is no doubt rain water harvesting will help you in drought.


Preserving rain water for hotter days is the best idea always.


Use the harvested rainwater for household as well as for gardening.


Don’t let rain water run away, let it run to the earth again.


Whether you save rain water to the tank or pond, just save it by any mean.


Rain water is water blessing by God on earth, save it anyhow.


Preserve the rainwater; it is a nice gift of God on the earth.


If you want to get respect from new generations, then please save water.


Water is the soul of earth, don’t separate both.


Every drop of water counts and makes a big ocean, so save rain water.


Harvest rain water to use in difficult times of drought.


Harvest rain water and use it for purposes other than drinking and cooking.


Water is very precious for life on the earth; so, save rain water too.


Save the rain water to continue life on earth.


Rainwater harvesting is best way to save earth from lack of water.


Don’t be conserve but conserve the rain water.


When all the well will be dry, from where you will be wellbeing.


Rain water harvesting is the way to conserve rain water.


Raise the level of ground water through rain water harvesting.


Save rain water today to enjoy your tomorrow on the earth.


Do you harvest rain water? If not, start today!


Harvest the rain water to reduce the use of clean water.


Life depends on water and availability of water depends on you!


Harvest the rain water to remove thirst of earth.


Slow the water flow to save more water.


Follow rainwater harvesting techniques and let it go down to earth.


Harvest rain water to continue life on the earth.


Collect the water from rain to live without pain.


Harvest the water from rain for the purpose to reap the grain.


Harvest the rain water to fulfill the need of people worldwide.


Save rain to be away from pain.


No rain only pain, no water no life.


Save the water of rain and don’t let it to drain.


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Slogans on Rainwater Harvesting - For Students and Children In English

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