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There are many different kinds of sports and sports events where sportspersons participate, and winners are judged. There are local, national and international levels at which sports events are conducted. Sports played in teams, small random-sized groups or in pairs. Playing sports is good for our physical health because of brisk physical activity and exercise involved. It also develops a healthy team spirit in players.

Sports slogans provided here are the best way to spread awareness about the importance of sports among people.

Unique and Catchy Slogans on Sports



Be sporting; don’t quarrel on the sports field!



There are many kinds of sports; take your pick!



You can continue to play sports into your old age if you start at a young age!



Sportspersons need your encouragement!



Sports keep you trim and fit!




Someone will win, someone will lose; it’s after all a sport!



Ensure good camaraderie with your sports team mates!



Play the sports of your choice!



Sports help you develop team spirit!



Encourage your children to play sports!



Be a Champ, not a Chump.


Instead of surfing on the net, head to the playground holding your Bat.


Prefer an outdoor Sport, whether on the pitch on in the Court.


Don’t be lame, prefer outdoor Sport and Game.


Sports are made to enjoy, whether a girl or a boy.


Sports are good to change your mood.


Victory is not achieved instantly but is achieved definitely.


Sport says “leave your mouse and come out of the house”.


Sports are made to keep you fit and great.


Neither Victory nor defeat, Sports are important to keep yourself fit.


Whether you win or you fall, if playing in a team play for all.


All work and no play is a poor option; opt to play different sports!


Give sports its due place in your schedule!


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body; play sports!


Don’t say no to sports!


Playing sports elevate your mood; play sports daily!


Go out and play a sport of your choice!


Play a sport; you will feel refreshed!


Sports are effective in keeping you upbeat; play a sport today!


Encourage the younger generation to play sports!


Playing sports encourages team spirit!


Be sporting; play a sport!


Playing sports is a fun way to unwind!


Playing sports helps you de-stress!


Sports are great at relieving stress!


Playing sports is good for muscles and bones; play a sport today!


Playing sports boosts physical health; play the sport of your choice!


Don’t be grumpy; get on to the field for a sport!


Enjoy playing a sport on the sports field!


When you feel down and out choose to play a sport!


Playing a sport is as much important as work, get involved in it!


Playing sports is not time wasted, but time well spent!


Be serious about the sport you play; you can master the game!


Don’t injure the other on the sports field; it is just a game you are playing!


If you want to feel upbeat go play a sport with your friends!


Playing sports is a fun way to stay healthy in body and mind!


Take time out to play a sport; it is time well spent!


Playing sports is good fun!


Enjoy your holidays playing different sports!


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Slogans on Sports - For Students and Children In English

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