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A teacher is the best guide in anyone’s life. He/she teaches us dedicatedly to make our future bright and successful. Our life is not complete without a good teacher. Our teachers play a great role in society as they prepare good future citizens for the country. They teach us important lessons of life and develop confidence within us to fight any challenges in life. They use different types of effective tricks for easy learning.

What we say about teachers is very less, exactly we can say that there are no proper words to describe the dedication of our teachers towards shaping the future of a country. Some well-written slogans here are dedicated to all the teachers, you can use to wish them on teacher’s day or other related events

Unique and Catchy Slogans on Teachers



A teacher is one who clears all questions and negative points in our mind.



A teacher is like candles who spend whole life in giving lights to many students.



Good teacher and good education has no substitute.



Thanks for lighting the way of my life.



Teaching is the best and noblest profession than other professions.




Teachers have true patience while teaching students.



Teachers force their students to see dreams and complete those.



Teachers have much patience to shape little minds.



Teachers are the most responsible citizens of a country.



Teachers are hero for their students.



There is no future if there is no Teacher.


Who can make you ready for the future, no one but only your teacher.


The teacher has the ability to convert a dumb into an intelligent.


The nation will be great when the teachers will be respected.


It is the teacher, who creates a leader.


Teacher is our need, to grow and succeed.


There is no future without teacher.


A teacher is like ray of light, which can make your future bright.


Teacher mends our faults and fills us with great thoughts.


A teacher is a gift of God, who inspires us with his great thoughts.


I thank my teacher a lot, for what he had ever taught.


It is a teacher, who makes human different from other creature.


You are my teacher and more than valuable than God for me.


You are my best teacher; you taught me the best lessons of life.


You are my teacher and the most valuable person in my life.


You enlighten my life to make my future successful and happy.


No one is wise other than a teacher.


We learn discipline and punctuality from our teachers.


Someone without teacher cannot get complete knowledge.


One’s life without teacher is incomplete.


Teachers lighten the burden of our future by giving accurate knowledge.


Our life cannot be cherished without teachers.


A teacher is person who bows the seed of wisdom in our mind.


A teacher is one who shapes our career.


A teacher is most important for any country as only he/she can give a nice citizen in future.


A teacher is one who let students know their power of knowledge.


It is teachers who awake their students from sleep.


A big hand of teachers behind our success.


It is teachers who motivate us to do more than our capacity.


A teacher is a good advisor in life.


A teacher corrects our mistakes and guides us through the life.


Teachers open the door of our success in future.


Teachers are: talented, elegant, admirable, cherished, honorable, efficient and responsible.


Teachers are responsible for our bright future.


Teacher’s teachings help us to fight challenges in life.


Teachers change our life through education.


Teachers have power to bring development revolution in the country.


Teacher’s influential personality always influences the students.


Teachers know well the art of teaching.


Professional efforts of teachers have ability to change the fate.


It is teachers who take us out of darkness to lead in light of knowledge.


Teachers fill our mind with positive thoughts and body with energy.


It is teachers who create many opportunities in our life.


Teachers prepare healthy crop for future from any seed.


Teachers quench the thirst of students through knowledge in real means.


Thanks for making many successful lives on the earth.


Teachers are the fore bearer of the torch lighting up our path to success.


Our behavior reflects our teacher’s personality. Behave responsibly.


Teachers are like the foundation of the house we call ‘life’.


While at crossroads, your teacher will be the first to show you the way.


Your teacher is the sculptor of your personality.


Teacher prepares you to be ready to face the world.


What water is to a plant, so your teacher is to you.


Teacher is the guiding force behind all our endeavors.


A society devoid of teachers will have misguided youths.


Teachers hold our hand when we step out of our home into the world.


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Slogans on Teachers - For Students and Children In English

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