Swachh Bharat Mission, popularly known as Swachh Bharat Yojana, is a campaign launched by PM Narendra Modi on 2nd October 2014 with the aim to make India clean and open defecation free by 2nd October 2019 which was 150th Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. This campaign is very crucial for a clean India image because it contains basic facilities like construction of toilets, clean roads, and streets.

According to a report published in 2014, almost 530 million people practice open defecation in India, which is the highest in the world. That’s why this mission has the main motto to promote cleanliness among people.

Unique and Catchy Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Slogans




Except from the books and courses let’s teach our children to clean the resources.



What if your friends catch you in motion, Shame! Shame! Open defecation!



It is the time to self examination; say NO! To open defecation!



Whether you are a driver or a pilot; no shame in cleaning the toilet.



Prime Minister has started Swachh Bharat Mission, let’s clean all over India to get complete sanitation.



Clean villages clean the cities clean all your untidy proximities.



Forget the clouds look at the ground; clean it and make your family proud.




Drop your ego stop your scooter clean surroundings for a healthy future.



Switch from complaining to cleaning will give you a healthy feeling.



Borrow a broom if you have to borrow, for the sake of a healthy tomorrow.



Make the clean India mission, an obsession.



Even if you are bride or the groom don’t hesitate to pick up the broom.



Don’t think don’t guess just get up and clean up the mess.



A clean nation is a healthy nation.



Stop whining start cleaning.




It is never late, let’s clean our surroundings and make India great.



To get a clean and healthy nation, say ‘No’ to open defecation.



To complete achievement of hygiene, it is very important to use dustbin.



Every Indian must be aware and stop littering everywhere.



Let’s take the nature side and make Swachh Bharat Mission our pride.


Whether the Sun shines or it Rains; Cleaning India should be our aim.


Clean your houses, roads, and street, Cleanliness is our basic need.


Let’s work on cleanliness from our side, and make India feel pride.


Every small step towards sanitation will bring a big change to the nation.


Work towards sanitation and your society will have a good impression.


Don’t be mean; feel free to use dust-bin.


Every Indian must be aware and stop littering everywhere.


First, clean then healthy will one day make you wealthy.


Let’s make this our plea; we will make India open defecation free.


It’s now or never let’s take the oath we will keep our country clean forever.


We can make our country beautiful; by participating in Swachh Bharat mission we can achieve something fruitful.


Cleanness can provide us inner peace, clean India mission is something that we need.


Our little contribution to Swachh Bharat mission can bring big changes.


Make India great again, participate in Swachh Bharat mission to bring new reign.


For cleanness, we still have hope, because Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has a big scope.


For a clean India mission, you don’t need anybody’s permission.


It’s on us to decide by choosing a clean India mission; we can make our national pride.


For this filth situation who else we can blame, nothing much only clean India should be our aim.


Heaven could be on earth, Cleanness is something which has priceless worth.


This fact can’t be denied, for a clean India mission, we have to change our mind.


Your future is on your hand, for clean India mission you have to take a stand.


We call our country mother; by helping in clean India mission we can make her clean forever.


If we want to make India a developed nation then clean India mission is the necessity.


Let’s take an oath; by participating in clean India mission we will make our country proud.


Clean India mission is something that we need for the progress of our country.


If we want to change the image of India in the world, so we have to actively participate in a clean India mission.

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