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A variety of samples on Farewell Speech for Boss (who is retiring, getting promotion or getting a transfer to another organization) are shared here. Impress your boss by delivering such speeches when she/he is leaving the office or institutes. Select any one as it is or take some lines to add to your written speech to make that effective and impressive.

Long and Short Boss Farewell Speech

Farewell Speech for Boss on Promotion

Welcome, everyone. We are gathered here on this special occasion of the farewell party of my boss on his promotion. I am here on the stage to say something about my boss who has got a promotion in another company. I am here to express my feelings to him in the time he has spent with me in this company and appreciate him for his promotion.

It is a very sorrowful condition for me that he is leaving us however, it is also the time to cheer his promotion. It is a very sad moment to say goodbye after working with him for a nice long 5 years. However, we can do nothing with the time and its strategy.

A long duration of 5 years’ time has spent without our knowledge. It seems that it was yesterday when I joined the company under my boss and the time of his going has come today very soon. How the enjoyable moment was with him, I never forget. My boss has the capability to distinguish himself very wisely in the crowd with his diligence humor drive at the workplace. He has been honored with many awards and achievements in this company for his hard works, dedication and increased turn over of the company.

His great achievements have inspired us a lot and would be continued in the future with us. I wish that my boss may continue achieving nice results and success in his new company which he is going to join tomorrow. Of course, he is the boss of us, not only by post but by his work, way of dealing with us and success. He has nice management skills, a good sense of humor and trustworthiness. I experienced a lot in this company working along with him however, I am a little bit sad that whoever will be my next boss. It is likely a fearful condition for me to leave my best boss and work under a new boss.

My boss had given me a happy working environment and a cheerful team with easily available facilities. The company my boss is going to join is very big and has a world level reputation. It is a very large multinational company having high-level facilities, various offices in many countries and logistic teams in different countries however, centralized by the head office in Australia.

The performances which have been performed by my boss in this company make us clear without any doubt that he will move for a bigger and brighter career in his new company. He is going so far from us however leaving us with his many good remembrances, amazing ideas and strategies to overcome challenges in the company.

Thank you boos for your all support, friendship, and help. Please forgive us for all the mistakes which we have made unknowingly. I wish you very good luck with the new company. All the best and success in your new projects. I hope you will be in touch with us and guide us from time to time accordingly.

Thank you


Farewell Speech for Boss on Transfer

A very good evening to all of you and fellow workers of … Company. As we all know that we have gathered here to give a farewell party to our boss means our guest of honor, the General Manager, Mr. … On behalf of the company and the management team, I would like to say thank to all of you for your nice presence here tonight. Thank you all to be part of this farewell party organized by the company in the honor of our boss’s transfer to another branch of the company. Our boss has been transferred to another branch for the special project work because of his high skill level and dedication to work.

It is a very sad moment for all of us that our General Manager will leave us very soon, most probably tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to say something about our boss, Mr. … It is not easy for me to speak here at his farewell party of our boss. Our boss is a great leader in this company and he is fully able to make big decisions in favor of this company. If his transfer becomes in my hand, I never let him go. It is a sad moment for us as he is leaving us, however, a good moment for him and all of us because he is getting promoted and transferred to other branches of this company.

We should be happy for his bright career and future which is taking another great leap as Regional General Manager. He will be transferred to the head office of this company. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to share some other great moments and interesting stories about our great leader. As I know he joined this company as an assistant electrical engineer however his hard works and commitment has given him many promotions such as senior engineer after two years, assistant manager and then general manager when he managed to handle many contracts. On behalf of him, we also enjoyed many bonuses to date. I just want to say that he is not an ordinary leader.

He is a very passionate person and has a will to learn new things in his life. He asked daily about our well-being, took care of us, and never feel ashamed of talking poor people. Really we have been blessed with such a big boss like him in this company. Really, he will be missed a lot by all of us here. I would like to say him good luck before starting a new journey and wish him great success in his life. Thank you, sir, for giving us such a wonderful year which will be stored in our heart forever.

Thank you all.


Farewell Speech for Boss on Retirement

Good morning to all. My dear colleagues, do you know why we have gathered here. I think you are imagining right, Yes! it is the farewell party of our boss on his retirement. How sad to say that he is getting retired. Maybe he gets retired from this office however he will never get retired from our heart. He will always be in our hearts like our boss forever because no one can compare him and take his place. We are here today to give him farewell, it is a very sad moment however we have to make it a happy moment in order to see him off very happily on his last working day. Farewell parties become very emotional and even much more, however, we have to organize it.

Our boss is a beloved person for every one of us who has given his nice moments to us in this organization. He has been the part of our daily office life over a decade however he needs to go now as he has completed his full term of office here. We will miss him a lot especially his ever-smiling face, greeting in every morning and very polite commanding nature.

In the official term, it is said that retirement becomes a nice and permanent relief for everyone from daily hectic life after long years of strenuous journey. Retirement is the time for getting relief from all those strains. We should not take retirement as sorrow because it brings good moments for the family and a relaxed and refreshed life to the person retiring from the job. After retirement, one has not any time limitation for his enjoyment. Retirement gives the chance us to live life happily without any tension and fulfill all the incomplete wishes.

Once I asked my boss what he will do after his retirement. He answered very politely that he never will get involved in any gainful occupation, but will start his voluntary charity services for the poor people. He is a very kind and punctual person who has made such a nice post-retirement plan. He is very happy to give his full time to his beautiful wife after his retirement. He will fulfill all the wishes of his wife related to traveling. He was a very active person in the office among us who never looked tired even in the evening after office. He is a good example of inspiration to us to earn name and fame by giving full commitment to the work.

Everyone feels his physical absence from tomorrow in the office from tomorrow and miss him. I would like to say him thanks for everything and wish him a very healthy, wealthy and happy life after retirement.

Thank you all.


Farewell Speech by Boss himself

A very good evening to all. Well, thank you, Mr. … for your kind words on behalf of this company. I am getting retired today and this is my farewell party arranged by you. Again thanks for giving me such a nice farewell. I would like to share with you all my nice moments in this office. It has been almost 23 years of working in this office. It was really a nice track for me on which I worked hard and enjoyed a lot with you all. When I joined the office I was on junior post working under my boss however my hard works and your love made me able to handle the post of boss very successfully.

We have spent together many years however we were totally unaware of that and how fast the day has come when I have to take off from the office work. I was very innocent when I joined the office however it is truly said that time taught everyone. Gradually I became more responsible according to my post and salary offered. It was a nice journey which I can never forget and would be in my memory forever. It was Mr. … whom I met first in this office. He was the person who taught me everything about my responsibilities. There was a day when I gave a speech on his farewell party of retirement however I was totally unaware that one day I will also be retired and hear a speech by someone you on my retirement.

My dear friends, I would like to say goodbye and thanks for everything especially the love and care you have given to me. I am sorry to you all for my unknown mistakes and wish you all for your bright career and peaceful life. Thanks for your wonderful presence at my farewell.

Thank you very much.

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Farewell Speech for Boss - For Students and Children In English

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