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Some well-worded samples of teachers farewell speech are provided below under various words limit to cover the students of different standards. I hope, you can get some help from our given speeches to prepare your own farewell speeches for teachers. A variety of farewell speeches for teachers to be given by the principal, teachers or students are covered here.

Long and Short Teacher Farewell Speech

Farewell Speech for Teacher by Principal

Very good morning to all. Dear teachers and my students, we are gathered here to celebrate the farewell party of Mr. … today. As being the principal of this college (or school), I would like to recite an honor speech on the farewell party of Mr. … about his distinguished personality. Mr. …. was the most responsible teacher in my college for many years and followed all the responsibilities as a good teacher with full commitment. I feel very sorry that today we are losing the most responsible teacher in our college however we cannot change fate. He and his works would be always in our hearts forever.

We can never forget his valuable and effective suggestions during bad times in college. It seems that he join the college now and the time of going to him has come very soon. He was like my best teacher of the college, my guide as well as an icon to many teachers. He really deserves to hear the praiseworthy words from my voice. He deserves to hold the vital post of Vice-Principal and even a Principal in any college.

He was a role model in my college and his dedicated years of service would be live in our memory. It is our honor that a teacher from my college has been selected to work in such a great institution. This success of him is not his fate, it is his continuous and committed love for hard work. The college will never forget his distinctive disciplined framework during his all-time teacher-ship at the workplace as well as his immense contribution to the college to make an unique educational environment for the students. His all the works would be in the record and adored always. He has established his unique personality in this college. His disciplined and committed works make him different than others.

We can say him a professional teacher with qualities of a good communicator, trainer, and proficient administrator. He is a highly skilled teacher and always kept himself updated with new changes in the education field. He actively participated and supported in all the curricular and extra-curricular activities held on the college campus. I would like to say a big thank to Mr. … for all the supports and love for this college.

Thank you very much


Farewell Speech for Teacher by Teacher

Very good morning to the respected Principal sir, teachers and my dear students. As we all know the reason for gathering here, I would like to speak about some nice memories of my beloved colleague at his farewell party. It is very sad to say that my colleague is going far from us and join another college. However, I am very happy also for his success and join another college as a vice- principal. He and his works would always be in our hearts forever. I really liked and enjoyed his friendship for years and never know how the year has gone. Now the happy moments have been over and I am here today for his farewell.


It is not believable that I have spent lots of nice time with him however it is very true that it is really been long. I still remember the first day of him when he joined the college. He met me first and asked about the Principal’s office. He was a very polite and well-mannered teacher throughout his teacher-ship. He came to college every day at the right time and in a disciplined manner. He never got late and inspired students too to never get late. He was the best teacher in the college who taught every one of us to be on time and follow all the etiquette. He is like my brother who sits and talks many times in his spare time in college.

He is very much liked by the students because of his nice behavior, disciplined nature and way of dealing with them. He becomes always full of ideas and things as well as keeps himself up-to-date which makes him different than others. In the early days of his joining, it took some time for me to understand him. He taught students in their own way and what they need. He always helped us in our difficult times and made us able to face more difficult situations. He is the man with a combination of energetic, enthusiastic, honesty, love, discipline, and that’s why he is inspirational for all the students. He has left many memories in my mind which makes me happy. I never forget black coffee with him in the staff-room. Lastly, I want to say that I would be grateful to you forever for your encouraging and inspiring company.

Thank You


Farewell Speech for Teacher by Students

Very good morning to the respected Principal sir, teachers and my colleagues. My name is… and I study in class… At this farewell ceremony of our teacher, Mr. …, I would like to speak about my feelings to him. Dear friends, how sad the moment when we are doing the farewell of our best teacher. However, we should not be sad and give him a nice farewell happily. He would be our best teacher forever and would be in our memory as well. Today he is the guest of honor at his farewell. I know that all of us today is very sad as we are missing our best teacher of the college. But I am lucky one expressing my views to him here in front of you all. On the one hand, we all are sad, however, on the other hand, we all are happy about his promotion as a vice-principal in other big institutions.


He was our most dedicated teacher who always taught us to follow discipline and etiquette. He has contributed a lot to our college in the field of education and other recreational work. He made very interesting and easy our all the events celebrations in the college through his dedicated support and creative mind. I still remember my first day in this college in class 9th standard. I was very fed up because of being a newcomer in college. He helped me a lot and developed confidence within me. He taught me to be happy and confident. Really, I never can forget that moment with him.

We also enjoyed a nice tour to Nainital with him last year. He is my excellent Physics teacher who made this boring and difficult subject really very easy and interesting. He has changed our mindset towards the study by telling us ways for effective learning. He is like a father figure for us, he behaved to us like a friend when we need a friend, like an educationist during study time however behaved strictly when we were wrong. He is very appreciative and inspiring in nature and well-deserves the promotion.

He was very responsive and supported me a lot in completing my projects works. All his extraordinary qualities make him different than others in college.

Thank you.

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Farewell Speech for Teacher - For Students and Children In English

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