Farewell Speech – For Students and Children In English

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Farewell speech is a goodbye speech given by a person to someone leaving the place, position or person. Farewell speech is given by someone to address other people about the going person. Farewell speech is used in the schools, colleges, institutions, government or private offices, industries or other working places by the students, teachers, officers, Principals, etc for the colleagues, teachers, Principals, officers, etc. Farewell speeches are generally used by the people to express feelings to someone going as well as reasons for leaving, transferring or retiring.

All the speech on farewell are well worded especially to mark the significant departure of someone. It is a planned goodbye speech recite by someone at the moment of leaving to focus the leaving person and honor him as well as to acknowledge publicly. It is worded with the appreciation and gratitude words very graciously. It is recited by a person when someone is leaving a current job in order to join another job, leaving the school, college or getting retired from the job by his/her colleague, manager or boss. Below we have provided variety of farewell speech for teachers, colleagues, seniors, boss, students, etc.

Speech on Farewell

Farewell Speech for Boss

Farewell Speech for Colleague

Farewell Speech for Seniors

Farewell Speech for Students

Farewell Speech for Teacher

Farewell Speech on Retirement

Farewell Speech in Office

Farewell Speech for Friends

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Farewell Speech - For Students and Children In English

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