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India occupies a prominent place in the galaxy of nations. With a rich cultural heritage stretching thousands of years, India beckons people from across the world to explore the country in all its fascinating variety of historical monuments, caves, rivers, valleys, fertile plains, mountains and hills, and much more. There are many occasions that call for delivering a speech on India, capturing its unique, incredible spirit. Here we are providing you a few speeches on India to help you make a powerful impact on your audience.

Long and Short Speech on India

Speech – 1

Hon’ble Chief Guest, Hon’ble Vice President, Respected Principal, Respected Teachers, Respected Staffs of the Administration Department and my Dear Fellow Students,

Like every year, we have gathered here on the 15th of August to celebrate our Independence that we achieved many years ago in 1947. I am greatly honored to have got the privilege of welcoming you all to this auspicious occasion. While we all are aware of how we have achieved our Independence, there are very few who know about our country, the real India.

I have been given this big responsibility to welcome you all and deliver a few lines about our great country. India is the seventh-largest in terms of area and second-most populous country in the world. It is situated in South Asia and was publicly confirmed as the Republic of India after its freedom from the British Raj.

India is amongst the prominent countries of the world and every Indian should know about its history, culture, struggle, religious importance, and several other important aspects.

Geographically, it is the land of conventions in several ways. It provides all types of climate, from extreme cold to extreme heat throughout the year. The hilly areas in the North and other Northern parts are equally cold as some parts of Europe. South region in India is highly hot and the West is extremely humid.

The country is rich in cultural heritage and is a repository of diverse cultures. Indian civilization has stretched over to five thousand years and provides the most exclusive facet in the form of unity in diversity.

India believes in secularism and everyone here is allowed to follow self religious belief. Different religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Jainism, Christianity, and Sikhism are practiced here. There are 22 officially recognized languages spoken and various dialects followed here. Diversity can be noticed not just in regard to language, religious belief, racial compositions, etc but also in a prototype of living, occupational quest, lifestyles, legacy, inheritance, and progression of practices and rituals relevant to birth, marriage, etc.

India has witnessed sharp economic and social differences over the past several years, yet national unity and uprightness have been maintained. It is this blend that has transformed India into an exclusive assortment of cultures.

India has also acclaimed vast recognition in the field of education, music, dance, instruments, arts, drama, theatres, etc. This not only makes India rich in heritage and culture but also opens up the scope and opportunity for employment and learning. In fact, several foreigners come to India to pursue higher studies or find job opportunities for themselves.

Extremely famous for its historical monuments, caves, mountains, and hills, etc, India is considered a tourist hub too. People from across the world visit India to explore the country and spend their holidays.

While rich culture is the highlight of the country, India is also quite self-sufficient in military forces, science, and technology. The country is a unique blend of modernity as well as tradition; it is our duty and responsibility to preserve the culture and beauty of our country and bring fame to it by our deeds.


Speech – 2

Good Morning everyone!

A very warm greeting to the chief guests and guest of honor. Hope this day comes out to be one of the best days in your life.

Did anybody of you ever give it a thought as to why in advertisements or as a phrase everywhere, India is addressed as Incredible India? No?

Fine, so, today on behalf of each one of us, I would talk about India – yes, our Incredible India.

This country has been hailed as one of the most prominent countries. It is because of the perfect blend and of various cultures, castes, traditions, cuisines, people, etc of this country which makes it be the famous spot that attracts the travelers from the world over.

It has been praised for its unique people of many religions, regions, and ethnicities that make it earn the phrase of ‘Unity in Diversity’, which is perfectly apt. Apart from that, it is growing continuously and steadily in the field of technology, science, and literature.

India has beautiful attractions all over as manifested in it as famous temples, mosques, churches, Gurudwaras, rivers, valleys, fertile plains, highest mountain, monuments, etc. As per my experience, this country satisfies the soul of every person; be it of any religion or nationality. This country is a hub where people celebrate each of the festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, etc with utmost joy and dedication.

Talking about the educational trends in India, people now are focusing on being more educated so that they end up contributing their bit for the country’s progress. India has the power of standing high in the world as it is a clubbed single version of multiple ends.


By this, the country builds in the power of its people and tends to lay a foundation on which complete freedom is given to its citizens for taking decisions regarding the betterment of the country. In fact, India is the largest democracy in the world. Various fundamental rights have been given to all citizens of India. Various big initiatives like Digital India, Swachh Bharat, etc have been initiated in this country.

India is our motherland; it is our duty to put in day-to-day efforts for the upbringing and development of our country. It is not that we as individuals cannot contribute; each one of us has the ability to put in our bit by being educated to grasp the latest technology, or by being a responsible citizen who abides by all the good initiatives of the country. There are unexpectedly unlimited ways by which we can contribute and sustain the image of Incredible India.

As a conclusion to my viewpoint, I am again proud to say that I love my India. I love being a part of its diversities that makes it completely Incredible, truly Atullya.

Let’s put our hands together and say that ‘we are the proud Indians’, we love our India and are ready to contribute to this country’s progress. India has been a land that inherits the unique colors of prosperity, integrity, and peace, being an Indian endows our soul with more courage and commitment towards the nation.

Thank You!


Speech – 3

Hon’ble Chief Guest, Respected Principal, Respected Vice Principal, Respected Teachers, and My Dear Fellow Students!

As you all know that we are gathered today on the eve of Republic Day and I want to extend my warm greetings to everyone present here. I feel extremely elated to have been given this big opportunity of delivering a speech on our country, India in front of our chief guests and the entire school.

There is no doubt that 26th January holds special importance in the life of every Indian as this day witnessed the birth of, what we call, Modern India.

In the year 1950, our country adopted the charter of modernity – the Constitution. The essence of Modern India lies in four fundamental principles postulated by Gandhiji, i.e. Democracy; Gender Equality, Freedom of Belief and an Economic Expansion for those trapped in dismal poverty.

So, India has had a tumultuous past, but it emerged triumphant from all political, social and cultural turmoil which shook the nation very badly during that time. Needless to say, we owe our independence to the great freedom fighters of our country, such as Gandhiji, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, and Chandra Shekhar Azad, to name a few.

And today there is no reason to be surprised that India is counted as one of the well-known countries in the world and as Indian we should be proud of its great historical, religious, cultural and geographical wealth found in the form of monuments, tombs, edifices, temples, shrines, places, etc. It includes such places as the Taj Mahal, Agra; Hawa Mahal, Jaipur; Victoria Memorial, Kolkata; Qutub Minar, Delhi; Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi; Golden Temple, Amritsar, Brihadishwara Temple, Thanjavur, and lot more.

In addition, India is a birthplace of culture and tradition, which is reputed to being the oldest civilization across the globe. “Unity in Diversity” is not a mere phrase, but is symbolic of the rich cultural traditions, rituals, and customs of our country. We are a secular country and everyone is given the freedom to follow their own religious beliefs. People from different religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism live here. In India, there are 22 officially accredited languages and interestingly, diversity is observed not only in terms of language, religion or race but also in terms of their living lifestyles, working professions, rituals and beliefs connected with birth and marriage.

These varied traditions, cultural and religious practices make our country stand out from other countries in the world. Despite being rooted in our past, we are living a life of progression where globalization and innovations in technology have enabled us to become a part of the global marketplace where people from other countries relish our Indian delicacies and Indian themselves work in multinational companies, wear international clothing and drive luxury cars.

We are excelling in the education domain too and today India is reputed as one of the biggest suppliers of experienced doctors, engineers, scientists, technicians, etc. to attract the market for foreign trade and commerce.

So we all should feel proud of our country’s growth and achievements and vow to contribute to whatever we can to strengthen our country’s foothold in the global marketplace.

Thank You!


Speech – 4

Respected Principal, Respected Vice-Principal, Colleagues, and My Dear Students!

Warm Greetings to all!!

Even though we all are Indian and are living in this country since our birth, but how many of us really know what India is? What makes our country stand out from the rest of the world? What is the historical and cultural past of our country? The questions are so many, but do we have the answers? Perhaps not! Then, let’s take this opportunity to know more about our country and its rich historical, cultural and geographical legacy so that when the need arises we can teach about the greatness of our country to our young generation and outsiders too.

Before I begin, I would like to extend special thanks to our principal for giving me this big responsibility to deliver a speech about our country with you all. Everyone is requested, including my students to feel free to share their thoughts with us or ask questions if they like.

Our country is a land of huge diversity where people from varied caste, creed, religion, and cultural practices live here. This diversity is not looked upon as a point of social friction and chaos in the Indian society, but rather as a variety that enriches our society and nation as a whole. With more than 1.34 billion people living here, India becomes the second-most populous country in the world after China. The diversity of Indian culture gets reflected in the form of varied customs, language, food, and art. Then we have a rich geographical landscape in the form of lofty mountain peaks, vast seas, myriad rivers and streams, expansive river-cultivated lands, sandy deserts, and dense forests – all these have adorned India in an extraordinary manner.

Interestingly, the unity and oneness of our country can be observed through the National Festivals too, such as Gandhi Jayanti, Independence Day and Republic Day, which clearly showcase the indivisible character of our country. These festivals are celebrated across all the Indian States in schools, universities colleges, societies, offices, etc. During Independence Day, every Indian is excited to watch the Flag Hoisting Ritual by the Prime Minister at Red Fort and listen to his speech.

In fact, there are other festivals too which we celebrate leaving our religion and caste-based differences behind, such as Diwali and Holi.

India’s rich cultural diversity can also be seen in the form of food. In our country, the cooking style varies from one region to the other. Indian cuisine is known for its impressive assortment of spices and herbs. Then there’s a wide variety of bread which is being served with meals, which include naan, fluffy flatbread, oven-baked flatbread, bhatoora, etc. much preferred in North India; whereas if you go to the Southern Indian region, you will not find bread, but rice and such dishes as dosa, idli, etc.

This is not the end as the essence of India can be seen in many ways and not restricted to different religious practices, geographical diversity, and food variety. We can talk about our country’s remarkable architectural wealth, clothing styles, etc.

Hence, I can say that we are all proud Indians of this great land and must pledge to bring our country accolades and appreciation on a global platform.

Jai Hind!!

Thank You!

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India speech - For Students and Children In English

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