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“Beat Plastic Pollution” was the theme of 2018 World Environment Day and our country played the host on June 5 – it is important that we, as the responsible citizens of our country realize the need of the hour. And the present calling is that we completely ban the use of plastic which acts as a really toxic substance for our environment. But it is not possible unless we all come together and work in unison. We should, therefore, try to invite more and more people to come forward in this initiative and do every bit in preserving our environment. In fact, you can write a speech on beat plastic pollution, spread awareness amongst the people and move people with the power of words. You can take a clue from the following and create your own impressive speeches.

Long and Short Speech on Beat Plastic Pollution

Speech 1

Greetings of the day Ladies and Gentlemen – Welcome to the speech ceremony of today!

How are you all doing? I hope this day finds you in the best of spirits. The speech topic for today is “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Beat Plastic Pollution, as we all know, is the theme for this year’s World Environment Day. It is clearly a call to action for each one of us as we are expected to come together for a cause, i.e. to battle with the great environmental challenges posed before us. Our country played the host this year and chose the theme accordingly, i.e. to urge the countries from across the world to make changes in their day to day lives by taking the burden of plastic pollution off from our natural landscapes, our wildlife as well as our very own health.

Whereas plastic proves to be quite valuable to us, we have become over-dependent on disposable or single-use plastic products leading to serious environmental consequences. Globally, one million drinking bottles of plastic are being purchased every single minute and with no reason to get surprised, we consume up to five trillion single-use plastic bags. In total, more than half of the plastic that we use is only a single-use.

About one-third of the packaging that we use in the form of plastic escapes the waste collection and disposal system, which implies that it ends up blocking our city streets thereby causing pollution around us and making our natural surroundings to appear filthy. Every year, about 13 million tons of plastic is being dumped into our oceans where it chokes coral reefs and poses a serious threat to the vulnerable water living species. The plastic that is being dumped into the oceans can circle our planet earth four times in a year and it can retain its original form for about 1,000 years before completely disintegrating.

There are many things that we can do to beat plastic pollution, such as going up to the restaurants and asking them to stop the use of plastic straws, asking people to carry their own coffee mugs at the workplace and putting pressure on the local authorities to streamline their city waste. Here is what rest you can do:

  • Carry your own bag to the shopping stores;
  • Don’t litter waste especially plastic waste on the road;
  • Avoid the use of plastic cutlery;
  • If you observe any plastic waste around yourself, put it in a refuse box

By putting our conscientious efforts we can actually get rid of our environment of these toxic waste products and build a clean and green city. Did you know that plastic also acts as a magnet having the ability to attract other pollutants along with metals, dioxins, and pesticides?

So I request everyone to completely shun the use of plastics and switch to environment-friendly products. This is all I have to say.

Thank you, everyone!


Speech 2

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen – I welcome you all to the National Environment Day Program!

The theme of today’s program is Beat Plastic Pollution, but before we pledge to beat plastic pollution it becomes very important for all of us to understand how and in what way plastic is polluting our environment. Let’s take a look at the basic facts related to plastic pollution:

  • Every single year 500 billion plastic bags are being circulated in the world market;
  • Every minute about one million plastic bottles are being used;
  • Every year more than 8 million tones of plastic are being dumped into the oceans and other water bodies – the equivalent of a full truck of garbage every single minute;
  • In the preceding decade, more plastic was produced than in the entire previous century;
  • Plastic makes up about 10 percent of the entire waste that is generated;
  • More than half of the plastic products in use today are disposable after a single-use.

In fact, “Beat Plastic Pollution” was the theme for World Environment Day 2018 which urged the governments, communities, industries as well as individuals to unite for this cause and look for sustainable alternatives and urgently curb the production as well as excessive use of disposable plastic products that pollute our water bodies, destroy marine life as well as threaten human health.

On the World Environment Day, the Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change – Dr. Harsh Vardhan – said, “If each and every one of us does at least one environment-friendly deed daily considering our Green Social Responsibility, there will be billions of environment-friendly deeds daily, marking a giant step forward towards a “greener planet”.

Luckily, our government has committed to hosting and spreading the awareness about the World Environment Day celebrations, with the help of a range of engaging activities as well as events forming strong public opinions and asking for their participation. Beginning from pan-Indian plastic clean-up campaigns in public zones, forests and national reserves to simultaneous beach clean-up campaigns – India will head the program by clearly setting an example for others.


In fact, India is surfacing as a leader; given the fact that we have the highest recycling rates across the globe. It can greatly help in keeping a check on plastic pollution. After having organized World Environment Day 2018 in our country, the government of India is moving at a fast pace in handling this cause of global concern.

It is high time that not only our government, but we as the responsible global citizens take the onus of protecting our environment and become proactive towards preserving our mother earth. So ladies and gentlemen let’s take a pledge to actually beat plastic pollution and protect our surroundings from every possible threat.

Now, I would like to invite those interested in the audience to come on stage and say a few words in this regard as well as suggest some effective steps towards combating plastic pollution.

Thank you all for being such patient listeners.


Speech 3

Hon’ble Chief Guest, Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to one and all!

Thank you for assembling in the school auditorium and making this event happen. Today’s occasion is dedicated to protecting our environment and making conscientious efforts towards beating plastic pollution. I, Priyanka Nangia from Class – XII (B), would be your host for today and would also like to address the topic called “Beat Plastic Pollution” by sharing my opinion and views. However, it’s an open discussion and anyone can feel free to come over to the stage and enlighten us with their views. It will be really good if we all can discuss together and explore the possibilities of getting rid of our environment of toxic plastic waste.

There is a pressing need to spread awareness around us for protecting our environment and banning the use of plastic. As we all know that our country played host for the 2018 World Environment Day which took place on 5th June. Having “Beat Plastic Pollution” the theme of this year’s event, the world has united to combat pollution caused by disposable plastic. The world has realized that protecting and improving our environment is the need of the hour as it is directly related to the well-being of the people and economic growth across the globe, which is why June 5 is specially dedicated to celebrating World Environment Day and raising the people’s awareness.

The celebration of June 5 gives us an important opportunity to enhance our knowledge of the environment and shoulder the responsibility together of conserving our planet Earth wherein beating plastic pollution is an important step towards it. It is important to conduct seminars and workshops amongst various communities and institutions for laying a strong foundation for cleaner and greener cities.

Besides, here’s what you can do in your day to day lives to safeguard your environment from pollution:

  • Stop using plastic bottles;
  • Stop using polythene bags for carrying any commodity;
  • Shun the use of plastic cups for drinking coffee or tea instead use earthen cups;
  • Use recycled products; even clothes for that matter;
  • Never throw plastic in any form on the roadside or streets;
  • Organize community gatherings for the city cleanup program;
  • Try plugging, which means jogging while picking up rags from the roadside;
  • Spread awareness among the people about the hazards of plastic pollution.

Plastic pollution is considered the most direct threat to the survival of living species on earth and of course to our environment. However, if we take a stern resolve and make use of advanced techniques for the disposal of waste then we will be able to make progress towards building a clean and healthy environment.

This is all from my end and now I would like to request our chief guest Smt.——– to come on stage and say a few words in this regard.

Thank you all for patiently listening to me!


Speech 4

Greetings of the day ladies and gentlemen – Welcome to the speech ceremony of today!

The subject of today’s speech topic is “Beat Plastic Pollution”. As we all know how much the whole world is suffering from pollution and it’s after-effects. And the worst form of pollution that every country is struggling with is plastic pollution. Therefore, there is an urgent need to adopt preventive measures and keeping this problem at bay.

If we trace our roots we realize that mankind originated in the lap of nature. Human beings exploited the resources provided to them by nature and it continued for thousands of years. But what we see in the present times is that man’s greed knows no bounds and we are hell-bent on destroying that very nature which nurtured us. We are not only exploiting the resources through unfair means but are also polluting our mother earth and choking it with filth and waste. Pollution, therefore, has become a global concern and its repercussions can be seen all around us. Plastic was one of the biggest inventions of humankind. However, unfortunately, it has become the greatest adversary of Mother Nature. The plastic pollution has become a grave issue faced by the world and it is causing great harm to our nature and the living species present in it.

The reason why plastic is so much used is that it comes with a lot of benefits, such as it is flexible, versatile, lightweight, moisture-resistant and cheaper in comparison with its counterparts. This is what makes us become completely indifferent towards the damaging impact of plastic on our environment. Our voracious appetite for it has caused tremendous increase not only in its consumption but in the level of pollution as well. Even a small piece of plastic has the durability to last on earth for numerous years. This is the one-of-its-kind case of a boon gradually turning into a bane as we are continuing to use plastic products and then eventually end up throwing them off in our surroundings. Plastic is durable in nature which prevents it from decomposing easily thereby making it a chief source of pollution these days.

But the best part is that our government and people in the form of community, municipality groups as well as businesses are taking stringent measures against the use of disposable plastics. Ban has already been re-enforced on such items as grocery bags, plastic bottles, plastic drinking straws, stirrers, takeaway foam containers, plastic-lined coffee cups, including non-biodegradable wet wipes.

Waste generated from plastic is undoubtedly a big concern for all of us and we need to act together to be able to handle this problem because this waste pollutes our water bodies, soil, air, and food. It’s high time that we all work really hard to preserve our environment and make it healthy so that every living species can survive to its optimum.

This is all from my end, thank you so much!

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Speech on Beat Plastic Pollution - For Students and Children In English

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