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Election and democracy are interrelated, in a country like India. Democracy gives rights to Indian citizens to choose their representatives; who in return make policies and rules for the people’s advantage. Many NGOs and private organizations, schools, colleges, and political candidates give Speech on election and democracy in rural and urban areas when Elections are nearing. We have shared some sample Election and democracy Speech that will help you understand the meaning and importance of Elections and Democracy in India.

Long and Short Speech on Election and Democracy

Speech – 1

Dear Colleagues,

First of all, let me thank you for assembling here on such short notice. Actually, I have a very important piece of information to share with you all. It gives me immense pleasure to share that, our NGO has been selected by the State Government to visit certain rural areas in our state for educating people about the significance of democracy and Elections. While I feel proud that we have been trusted by the Government; I also understand that it’s a huge responsibility, as we are looked upon by the Government to convince and encourage maximum rural people for voting in the coming Elections.

This meeting is a small training session for the new joiners to understand the importance of Elections in democratic countries like India. Democracy is a system of government, in which the general public exercises their power by voting. Larry Diamond, the American political intellectual describes that democracy has 4 main components: a political system for selecting or replacing the government through fair and free elections; dynamic participation of citizens in civic life and politics; securing human rights of every citizen and a law system which equally applies to every citizen.

Dear colleagues, before you explain this to the rural people; it is important that you are first convinced and feel proud of the fact that you are a citizen of the biggest democratic country in the world in terms of population as well as unity and integrity. Elections in democratic countries hold very significant place but I am very disappointed to say that the poor people living in villages are still apathetic towards the Election process in India.

In one of the surveys conducted by our NGO, we learned that people in rural areas do not want to vote as they feel that Elections are not going to make any change in their lives. Some people did not even understand the meaning of Democracy. In the proposed campaigns, your duty and responsibility would be to explain to the people, how Democracy gives them the right to choose their own representative through Elections.

They should understand that the representatives, once elected, would be responsible to work for the benefit of the poor and deprived people. The representatives remain in power for 5 years and but they get this power from the common people. Many rural people are disappointed now; therefore it is important to inform the implication of voting rights and to encourage them to take active participation in the coming Elections.

You can quote examples of other Democratic countries and share with them how Elections have brought significant changes in those countries. It may seem to be difficult for rural people in India that Elections can do much change to their lives; however, it is important that they come out of their homes and vote. They must realize the true power of voting as they are an indispensable part of our democratic country India. Voting is their right and they must exercise their power and fight for their rights.

On this note, I rest my speech. I hope you will do your best in the campaigns and do connect with me if you need any clarification or further training.

Thank You!


Speech – 2

Respected Teachers, Staff, and Dear Students!

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that ours is the only office with 100% of employees who cast their votes. I am glad that the short meeting I had called 2 days before the Election had a positive impression on you guys. I am additionally thankful to the staff of the cleaning department for exercising their rights. I feel it is very important for people living in democratic countries like India to cast their votes and choose the right candidate for their nation.

Election holds great importance in every democratic country. Most of the people know that democracy is described as the government ‘of the people’, ‘for the people’ and ‘by the people’. Though direct democracy was possible with the direct participation of people, in ancient cities such as Greece; the same is not possible in modern days, especially in a country like India as it is a densely populated nation.

In our democratic nation, general elections happen only once in 5 years. While it gives all of us the power to choose our representative; we have also an onus on our shoulder to choose the right party, as many cheaters, fraudsters and criminals also file their nomination and sadly most of them win too.  At regular intervals, the government and government’s representatives are elected by the adult or major people of the nation. The Government in democratic countries is ideally elected by the people means, people choose them; ‘of the people and for the people’ means the government is elected to serve the general people of the country. That is why elections are highly valued in every democratic country, like India.

As you all know that the governments in India are elected for a 5-years term that’s why it is very important for the people to choose their representatives wisely. The people though may have many demands from the government; they basically expect the government to safeguard their interests and help them attain development, unity, prosperity, and integrity as well as ensure freedom and rights of the general people.

Friends, I believe that Elections are very important in a democratic country like India as it gives people an opportunity to select their representatives; however, many swindlers and impostors also take advantage of people’s ignorance and poverty. This mainly happens in rural areas where the illiteracy rate is very high and people struggle to fulfill their basic needs.


While it has been seen that many individuals proactively hold public meetings in villages for explaining the importance of Elections; many poor and illiterate people are yet to understand the significance of Elections in democratic countries. I feel that NGOs must come forward to educate people and prepare them to earn livelihoods and fulfill their basic needs. These NGOs must also educate people on the meaning of democracy and the importance of Elections so that each and every eligible individual comes forward to cast his/her vote and choose the right candidate for their country.

While I am glad that my entire staff has voted in this election; I would urge you to keep up the momentum and educate ignorant people in your acquaintance about the importance of elections and voting.

Thank You!


Speech – 3

A Very Good Morning to all the Respected Teachers and Dear Students!

You might be wondering why I asked all of you to stay back in the assembly hall after the morning prayers.

Well, elections are approaching and every student in this college is eligible to vote; so I thought I should share the relevance and importance of voting in democratic countries. India is the biggest democratic country and it is one of the nations popular for its compassion and benevolence. Ideally, that is the essence of democracy; where people from different religions, ethnic groups, caste, and creed live with harmony and peace. However, it is important that the country is ruled over by the government that is impartial and unbiased for maintaining peace, compassion, law, and order of the country.

Though, many people do not understand the importance of voting in democratic countries like India; elections are the only way for people to choose their government, their leader and representative. India is a democratic country; in which the civilians select by voting, their leaders and representatives who then make decisions and laws for them and the nation. It is also important for all the eligible people to vote because critical progress efforts in India cannot be successful without a justifiable and democratically elected representative, who is approachable, answerable and accountable to its people.

Elections offer significant opportunity to establish democracy and strengthen political liberalization. However, it is important that the elections are conducted in a free and fair manner. While democracy fosters various rights of people such as the right to express, freedom of speech and all other rights as mentioned in the constitution; the same gets strengthened through fair means of elections.

I feel elections are very critical for people in a democratic country, as it gives a sense of responsibility; it is also an opportunity for the civilians to contribute towards the development of the nation. By electing a suitable government, we can expect the development of the nation and subsequently, the development of each and every individual. An election is also an important tool to promote political openings as well as to enlarge the political involvement of youths. Many youths think for the nation today; they want to contribute positively towards developing India. Thus, by joining politics and serving the nation selflessly; they can work towards India’s development.

General Elections in democratic countries give people the opportunity to select their preferred party and leaders who would represent them for the next five years. The chosen leaders must act for the benefit of the common people and make rules and policies that would benefit them. Voting thus is very important because democracy, without elections, cannot deliver to the needs and wants of the people. Democracy is the only form of government that allows people’s participation in choosing their representative and elections are the only mean to foster such selections.

Friends, I would rest my speech here with an appeal to all of you to go and vote in the forthcoming elections and exercise your rights.

Thank You!


Speech – 4

Respected Principal Sir, Respected Teachers and Dear Friends!

Every year on this day, we assemble in the ground to celebrate the Republic Day of India. While it gives us an immense sense of pride to be a citizen of free and democratic India, it is also important to understand the meaning of Democracy and the importance of Elections in a democratic country like India.

I am 16 years old now and thankfully understand the relevance of elections in democracy but when I was small; I remember seeing people arguing and supporting why they should not vote in elections. Ever since I have grown up, I remember people only discussing negatives about the ruling party and getting all the more disappointed and determined not to vote in the subsequent elections.

I remember once asking my father about what ‘Elections’ were and why does it matter in a democracy? Then he explained to me that elections give power and rights to people and allow them to elect their representatives and leaders who make plans and schemes for them and take decisions and resolutions on their behalf. He also said that such kind of governance is only possible in a democratic country; while in other forms of administration such as dictatorships, etc options of voting and elections are not available.

Democracy refers to a situation where all people living in the country have equal rights and say and the country is apparently administered by the people since they elect their leaders. Therefore, elections are highly crucial in democratic countries since it gives people the opportunity to change the government if they are not satisfied with the ruling party.

During elections, people get the opportunity to understand the agenda of each party on which they run the campaign. People can understand the proposed plans and schemes of the parties and identify whether those schemes would be beneficial for them or not. Accordingly, they can select the party by voting, whose plans, schemes, policies, etc seem to be most appropriate.

Friends, I feel that ‘Democracy’ is a blessing since it has helped our nation develop a lot since Independence. With the public becoming more knowledgeable and informed, political parties have very little chance to fool them. Also, the politicians have the fear that if they do not perform well and meet people’s expectations; they may lose to their opponents. Under the fear and aspirations to win the forthcoming elections, the ruling party, partially though, attempt to work on their agendas and fulfill their commitments made during campaigning.

General Elections in democratic countries give people the opportunity to select their preferred party and leaders who would represent them for the next five years. However, it is more often seen that the majority of the leaders get involved in corrupt practices and ignore the needs and desires of common people. This kills the true meaning of democracy.

Nonetheless, voting in a democratic country is people’s right and each and every eligible citizen must vote in elections to preserve the true meaning of democracy.

Thank you!

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Speech on Election and Democracy - For Students and Children In English

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