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Global Terrorism can be described as the methodical use of crime and violence for creating a general atmosphere of threat and fear across the people and thus to fulfill a specific political purpose. Our speech on global terrorism can help an individual deliver an effective and influential speech in any seminar, debate, discussion, etc. Nowadays, schools and colleges organize different types of knowledge-filled programs in which students are invited to deliver speeches on various topics. Terrorism is a burning issue today and our global terrorism speech can help students take ideas to prepare their speech in their own language.

Long and Short Speeches on Global Terrorism

Speech 1

A very good afternoon to the respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends!

As we all know that today we have gathered in this hall to spread awareness among the future generations regarding terrorism which is one of the major problems faced by the entire world.

Terrorism is the illegitimate act done by a group of people to create terror among common people. I cannot explain terrorism in words because it has very deep roots spread all over the world. This has become a matter of utmost concern which is aggregating day by day all across the globe. It is one of the ways that are being used by the politicians, business industries and numerous social organizations for achieving and accomplishing objectives including social, religious, personal and political.

Terrorism has a huge influence on our country’s youth. It’s not only about our country but the entire world is facing terrorist attacks. The major causes behind this hike in the terrorism level are the different religions and ideologies of people living in this world.

Today people are living under the fear of terrorist attacks in the whole world because this epidemic has spread from groups to countries. To exemplify, Iraq and Iran are the countries that are fully under the trap of terrorism. People from the Islamic community especially, are getting trapped in this mess of violence.

Terrorist usually deploys machine guns and bombs in their attacks and areas like railway stations, airports or concert halls are there main targets of attack. To epitomize, we can have a look at countless incidents like an attack in Belgium or other attacks on the Western European locations where many civilians were killed. If we talk about India, on 7th, March 2018 Bhopal- Ujjain passenger train was attacked with bombs by the terrorists where 10 innocent passengers got injured. Such incidents are being spotted all over the world and thousands of innocent civilians are killed every year.

There are numerous ways to fight terrorism. The foremost thing is, to have an international team always on call to respond to such kinds of threats so that there is minimal loss of human life and property. Apart from this, gun control is another possible solution to global terrorism. This will eventually limit the weapons retrieved by the terrorists. Recognition of terrorist organizations can also help in avoiding any kind of future terrorist attacks.

It is high time that we all should realize that every person has its own perspective, mindset, beliefs, and religion. As long as we have differences in our own world, terrorism will persist. We need to equal out these differences first, which will eventually level the rate of terrorism in the world. By compendium, I would say that it’s not a problem that only one country can solve, but we all need to join our hands to solve this burning global issue.

Thank you!


Speech 2

Honorable Chief Guest, Respected President of the College, Respected Professors and Dear Friends – I, on behalf of the entire college would like to thank you all for taking your time out and being a part of this important discussion. Like every year, this year too we have selected the topic, i.e. Global Terrorism, which is a matter of great concern not only to our nation but for the whole world at large.

Global terrorism is described as activities involving violence and crime with the intention to promote religious or political ideologies across the world. Global terrorism mainly consists of violence, threats, and intimidation for pressurizing the government, International group or community in general.

Global terrorism may occur in various forms such as attacks on foreign land, suicide bombings, etc. The act of global terrorism accomplished in 2001, popularly known as 9/11 best defines the act of horror and dreadfulness. The World Trade Center in New York was attacked by the members of some international terrorist groups which took away many lives as a result. Though such an act of terrorism on such a large scale is less commonly seen, suicide bombers are highly common acts of global terrorism that kill many civilians and creating an atmosphere of fear and panic.

The main purpose of the terrorists is to spread terror and achieve their objective by creating disharmony and chaos and by killing more and more innocent people. The terrorists would normally select crowded areas so that maximum people get hurt and killed. Global terrorism results in a large number of deaths along with numerous people getting injured. Many people suffer post-traumatic anxiety and stress especially if they have been the eye witness to such acts of terrorism.

When global terrorism occurs, it not only affects the country where it might have occurred, it also affects the neighboring country along with creating economic imbalance and an increase in the inflation rate worldwide. While terrorism is the burning issue today, it is also a matter of discussion as most of the youths today are getting negatively influenced by the people who spread terrorism for their own benefit. Though the reasons for terrorism may vary, the effect is always hazardous such as deaths and bloodshed.

Such acts of terrorism and brutality should be avoided also because it doesn’t benefit anyone in any way; instead, it only creates confusion, the death toll, and disorder worldwide.


The government must take appropriate actions as more and more youths are getting influenced by such activities. More aggression and less patience are been observed in today’s youth. They adopt the path of violence and terrorism and create imbalance and disharmony locally and on the national and international level, if they are not heard or if their wishes do not get fulfilled.

While efficient military interventions have helped in reducing the effect of terrorism in some countries; the ever-growing intensity and impact of violent activities in certain countries have resulted in an increased number of terror induced fatalities.

By taking proper actions and by spreading awareness, the government collectively with organizations that work for humanitarian causes, etc can help minimize the anger of disoriented youths and stop terrorism.

Stricter defense measures at the border and global understanding and cooperation are required for preventing the anti-social elements from succeeding in their crimes. Though terrorist acts accomplished by an individual are irregular and unpredictable, they follow certain familiar statistical patterns. This can help the government in recognizing the commonalities between terrorist groups, their modus operandi, tactics, pattern and the impact of counter-terrorism operations.

While this topic is debatable, I would like to rest my speech with the hope that everyone listening to me, especially the youths would join hands in fighting terrorism and creating harmony across the world.

Thank You!


Speech 3

American author Bell Hooks writes, “There is no life to be found in violence. Every act of violence brings us closer to death. Whether it’s the mundane violence we do to our bodies by overeating toxic food or drink or the extreme violence of child abuse, domestic warfare, life-threatening poverty, addiction, or state terrorism.” This is true, as the fear of violence and death that people are constantly gripped with can completely ruin their current lives. The terror in people all over the earth is the worst.

A pleasant good morning to the Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends!

I am _______ and I stand here in front of you all to talk about something that does not and should not need any occasion. Friends, I am talking about global terrorism that no one has been able to escape. It is a problem that has been pestering the countries all over the globe for a long time now and the daily news reports of bombings, terrorists breaking in, and taking innocent lives are truly heart wrenching.

The “enemy” or “other” often suggesting to the terrorists are the violators of law and peace. Terrorism is still prevalent because the political, economic and social conflicts that arise between two or more countries go beyond mere rifts and often lead to violence. The self- interests of the people from different countries to stand better as a country, the greed for the maximum power and the desire to be at the top are some of the primary reasons for the prevalence of terrorism in the world. The constant action-reaction deadly game played among countries will make it difficult for global terrorism to end. In order to top the list, every country tries to pull other down by all possible means. Weapons and advanced technology are used for causing destruction. A bomb-for-bomb idea works in the present times and losing hundreds of lives has begun to be accepted by the world. The cost of human life has come to nothing. Global terrorism is eventually the root cause of the lack of humanity, morality, and conscience in people in the 21st century.

My thoughts resonate with Malala Yousafzai’s famous quote, “Terrorism will spill over if you don’t speak up” as it is our chance to speak up against terrorism. We need to address the issue, spread more awareness and try to make peace among the nations and countries in conflict. You and I have to take the responsibility to work towards the end of global terrorism. There is a lot to be done and solutions cannot be seen by simply signing the peace treaties.

There has to come to a change in the mindset of people and the implementation of fresh and healthy ideas that ensure everyone’s safety. The very words “enemy” and “other” have to be eliminated from the dictionary of our minds. I hope you all will ponder over this grave issue and work towards ending global terrorism in order to secure the lives and future of the coming generations.

This is all I have to say, thank you!


Speech 4

Respected Principal, Respected Teachers and My Dear Students – Good Afternoon and a warm welcome to all of you!

As you all know, we have gathered here to discuss our plan for the upcoming debate competition that is to be played at the State level. From our school, we have selected those students who have helped us win many quizzes and debates in inter-school competitions.

Well, out of all the topics we anticipate to be discussed at the debate; global terrorism is one of the most critical issues that we will be discussing today.

Global Terrorism can be defined as the use of purposely random violence for creating terror and horror amongst the common people. The main purpose of terrorism is to gain political, financial, ideological or religious gain. Any kind of terrorism and with any intention in any situation is unjustifiable and is a criminal act along with being a punishable offense.

Global terrorism is a highly intricate geopolitical problem that weakens the safety of cities, nations and the marketplace globally. Random attacks on common people and networks result in a sense of horror and anxiety in regards to the entire civilization and mankind. The past two years’ records of global terrorism have not only created uneasiness amongst the mass, but these have also weakened the global economy.

While terrorism creates fear and a state of panic amongst the common people, it also creates huge uncertainty and insecurity in the global market, leading to apprehensions amongst the investors as well as many unpredicted economic consequences including inflation.

In the past few years, many anti-social groups are getting involved in the act of terrorism in the name of religion. These people plant bombs, suicide bombs, and other hazardous grenades, missiles, etc. in crowded places that take lives of mass leaving people helpless and vulnerable.

The sad part is that several youths are also getting negatively influenced by the anti-social people and elements and they are also getting indulged into acts of killing innocent people. Through this speech, I would also like to appeal to everyone especially the young boys and girls that terrorists are anti-national elements who exploit youngsters for fulfilling their personal motives.

Global terrorism has all the more adverse effects on the world economy resulting in market unpredictability and killing numerous innocent people. I strongly believe that when the youngsters know about the short term and long term impact of global terrorism, they would refrain from indulging in such activities.

Sudden price rise and price instability are the short terms effect, while improved regulations, laws, and protection are been implemented in order to lessen and alleviate the risk produced by the terrorist acts. As a result, traders and investors become highly apprehensive and fearful of investing money in new markets.

While some countries are moderate as far as terrorism is concerned, some countries such as Burma, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria are considered sanctioned economically on the US list. Through economic sanctions, US Government exerts their condemnation and disapproval over the countries which are highly and frequently indulged in terrorist activities.

We all are aware that any act of terror, either big or small through any mean, in any country creates a great level of horror, aghast and economic uncertainty. Therefore, we must appeal to the government and NGOs for organizing more debates and seminars through which people get aware of the negative consequences of terrorism and they take actions from their end to discourage such acts.

I would like to rest my speech now with the hope that my audience here would never get deviated from their goal.

Thank You!

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Speech on Global Terrorism - For Students and Children In English

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