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Grandparents Day is celebrated very fondly in every school and on this occasion, the children give speeches in their morning assemblies. It is not just for the special days that the speech is given. Sometimes in the public gatherings where a lot is spoken about grandparents, these special words are required to thank the grandparents for being there in the lives of our children. On this site, we have shared here some examples of Speech on Grandparents that will help you on many occasions. You can draw reference from our speeches and make your speech interesting for your audience.

Long and Short Speech on Grandparents

Speech 1

Respected Madam, teachers & my dear friends,

Today is the Grandparents’ day! They say for children, it is the Children’s Day every day! Very rightly said I must say! We are the center of the attraction of our parents and stars of the eyes of our grandparents. We have heard our parents so many times say to their parents, rather complain; “you didn’t love us the way you love our children!” And do we know they are right!! Yes, they are.

Our grandfather & Grandmother are a library, our very personal game center, best cooks, best support, awesome teachers and a world full of love all packaged together in two bodily souls who seem to always be there for us children. Grand, is the word that is most suitable to them that’s all I can say. They are the ones who have risen up our parents who are another amazing set of beings in our lives. The wrinkles on their faces are proof that they are the most experienced people whom we have in our homes. So it makes so much importance for us kids to connect with them, learn what they have to teach us, learn from their experience and then build up our lives that will be all the stronger if we do so.

The thought of going to Nani’s house is a sheer pleasure for all of us irrespective of the age, I can say this very confidently. The fun-filled days, days full of happiness, enjoyment, unconditional love, free to be you and eat the best cooked special food with most loving hands. Even Dadi ma for that matter, her most favorite dialogue, “Do you know how naughty you were in your childhood, or Padhlega, let him play for a while” All these lovely moments we are able to enjoy only because we have the best set of people there for us. So next time we get busy in our schedules, get busy with our friends, phones, I-pads, x-box, and parties, we must also keep some time for our grandparents. It is because of them that we all have had a great childhood. It is because of them we have great moral values. They have taught us to love unconditionally, be patient, get up & try just once more when we thought it was impossible.

Our grandparents need nothing more than love, and our little time, that we share our achievements, maybe help them learn how to WhatsApp the bhajan to their best friend or to watch a movie on YouTube. They are trying to catch on with our generation. So to these most adorable, most intelligent, slightly forgetful, adorable affection filled people I bow down and say, “you are my most precious possession and may you be there even for my further generations and may they be as blessed as I am today”.

Thank you


Speech 2

Good Morning to all present today! We are all gathered here to celebrate the eldership that is, by all means, the presence of all the goodness and positivity in any home. Grandparents are indeed providing the strongest bond in any family that keeps the members including the extended ones, closely together. Opportunity to be with uncles, aunts & cousins during vacations is the best part of everybody’s life. This luxury we get only at our grandparents’ house. So I thank all the Grandparents who took out time and altered their schedules to be here for us today to share with us their precious moments!


One who is brought up by his or her parents and grandparents is enriched doubly, by double the experience, double the love, twice the fun and two times the values and guidance they get. Grandparents bring the best out of their most cherished children’s children. Their presence in the life of their grandchildren is like the presence of the Sun. The children, who have not seen their grandparents, are indeed the most unfortunate ones. They remain deprived of a lot of good and groundedness that they get otherwise. The values that are instilled in their grandchildren are something their parents can only dream of doing. The parents, as it is, are so very busy with their careers, making the best of everything and achieving the standards of living that we have set very high for all of us. Not that it is bad, but just that spending time with the children when they need you; makes it impossible for the parents at all times.

But really, thank God He created grandparents! (Laughter) Yes, isn’t that true? It is only that where there are grandparents, the parents can go do what they intend to with their careers, and know that they have this very reliable back up with them for their little bundles of joy. Not that there is a shortage of nannies or crèche’s but these support machines cannot even begin to match up with the abilities of the grandparents. I am not saying that I am comparing them to any kind of help. All I am saying is that there are families for whom it is a luxury to have grandparents. They might have grandparents living in their hometown or simply because the family migrated to a foreign country for better opportunities and grandparents didn’t. I say, that such families are simply less fortunate.

Where both the father & mother are earning, keeping a full-time help is a norm, so there is no physical pressure on the grandparents who are getting older and wiser each day. That way the grandparents do not get taxed on their physical strength and are always there for the little souls who need to be loved, nurtured and looked after well. To me, I see it as the second innings for the grandparents. They have fulfilled all their worldly responsibilities and are at ease with what life demands from them. So their stress levels are touching zero, well almost! Now comparing this with the parents, I see it is a life full of activity, vigor, and events, so they would be behaving in a way with their kids, not by their choice but by the circumstances they are in. Naturally, grandparents are huge moderators in the family. I cannot imagine a house without grandparents. Though there are a huge number of nuclear families, I am sure if given a chance they would all want to live with their elders or get them living closer to their homes.


It goes without saying how happy we are going to make them when we take good care of them. We get to spend time with them and in return learn a whole lot of things that no one will ever teach us. And the amount of love, care, and patience that we will earn from them is immeasurable. A relation they say is always two ways. To an extent it is true I say. But when it comes to loving grandchildren, I say grandparents make an exception. Their love is unconditional, unbinding, pure, non-demanding and above all mystical. They do not expect anything in return from their children or little grandmasters. They can endlessly and tirelessly go on with their stories that seem to come out of Pandora’s Box, linking the little ones past and yet so forward, preparing them for their future. A little respect, a lot of love and care for their grandparents comes naturally to the grandchildren, effortlessly.

I would like to end my speech by saying this that in a house where elders are cherished and looked after well, lives God himself. Grandparents complete life’s circle of love. Someone once said, “THEY ARE A LITTLE BIT OF PARENT, A LITTLE BIT OF TEACHER AND A LITTLE BIT OF FRIEND”.

Thank you and have a day filled with love, care, and laughter.


Speech 3

Good morning to everyone present in this room today. We are all assembled here today to celebrate the Grand Parents’ day. It is a day that we usually mark with honoring our grandparents, bringing them to schools, showing them the various talents that we as their grandchildren have. Through the various programs that we put up for them, we tell them how important their presence is in our lives.

Today I am on stage to speak how I feel about mine. It is an honor to be here to represent all my friends and speak on their behalf too. Some of my friends are singing, some are dancing, some are reciting poems, while others are in the school choir. One thing is sure that each one of us is what we are because of the efforts of our teachers, parents, and grandparents. I do take this opportunity to thank my grandmother and my grandfather for being there in my life and helping me become a better person. Each day of my life becomes very special. I come here today on this one day, out of the three sixty-five days in the whole year to celebrate Grandparents’ day, but the rest of the days they are the ones who celebrate each day as children’s day. Each day they make me feel special in their various ways.

Each day I learn something new either from my grandpa or my grandma. When I go to my grandma, very easily, she teaches me how to fold clothes and help ma to keep my room tidy. Things like keeping the dirty shoes out in the shoe rack help prevent dust and germs in the house are simply taught by my grandpa when we are back from my evening play and his evening chit-chat with his friends. On some weekends he even teaches me how to fix the plug with wire. Of course, along with that, I am taught never to try plugging the wire in the switchboard. All the things are carefully removed and tucked in from where they were brought. I do get to learn from them that it is really important to be gracious and courteous all the time you meet someone, even if it means wishing again and again to the same person.

When you have such gems at home, then you know that you are in a place where you know that each mistake you make, you are learning a bit more. Grandparents are people with the largest hearts because they allow you to make them!  They know that it is important for us kids to learn from our own mistakes, so they are super patient with us. Our parents, however, are a bit in a hurry with us at times. No, I am not complaining at all, for I understand how busy they are, and it is important to not waste their time. They are working and they do have their own work pressures to deal with, just like me! When I have my exams, and my activities also need to be pursued, I am rushing here and there and also studying hard to get good marks, the same way they need good marks at work too, That, my grandma has told me.

So no worries, I do know I can be super slow and super-naughty with my grandparents! (he hehe) So I really thank them from the core of my heart, and each minuscule particle of me wholeheartedly thank my grandmother and grandfather for being with me all the time. I thank them for teaching me and imbibing in me the values and morals that will make me just like them, – super cool and super-efficient. I love them and adore them for they are my strongest shield against any danger I may otherwise face. They are my best friends, I can share anything and everything with them, they come up with the best advice. And I thank them for being there as they are the parents of my parents and they even look like them, two sets of parents, with different bodies and age groups. Won’t you call it double the vantage for kids like me?

Thank you!


Speech 4

Respected Principal, teachers, parents, grandparents and my dear friends,

Today we are all gathered on this day we fondly celebrate as Grandparents’ Day. It is my privilege to welcome all the parents and grandparents of the little and a little bigger children studying in this institution. On their behalf, I extend a hearty welcome to each one of you present here today. Whether maternal or paternal, grandparents have a very very important role to play in their grand children’s lives. The parents of both the families are equally cherished and loved and are yearned to be with by the little darlings.

In this era of today, the grandparents and their role so to say in the lives of their grandchildren have changed. Today’s grandmother may be a working Grandmom, from being a businesswoman to a great designer. And so maybe there grandpa, who has just retired from a very active career.  He may be an army officer or a manager in an organization or simply a businessman. They come in all sizes, colors, and shapes! But one thing that is constant is the love they feel and shower on their grandchildren. Grand means large or great. It also means illustrious, dignified, and magnificent. These are all the adjectives I would use to describe them. It is what they have inside them that makes them special for every kid. Even a shoemaker on the roadside would be the best grandfather. He may be the one who had saved money from his lunch to buy his grandson’s favorite cycle or a toy. For his grandchild, he is his super Hero and would fulfill all his demands and dreams.

And then comes the time, when the children grow big. They keep getting busier and busier and slightly drawn away, getting involved in their lives and careers. For grandparents, their grandchildren are their whole world, after they have raised their own kids. Grandparents’ thus have played their role well, twice! An inning well played and yet another one played equally well! They have tremendous patience and an unlimited supply of loving care. These big grownup children do need their grandparents still, as much as they needed them when they were babies. The invaluable advice they get from them, the insight, their instincts & judgment are unmatched. In the fabric of life, the parents and grandparents are the warp & the weft and children are the beautiful motifs. So it makes it essential for each one of us, as a member of our family, to take great care of each other and our needs, whether emotional or physical. I am sure all the families who live together in a joint family do exactly that. I am reminded of messages that I receive each day on my WhatsApp that teach me moral values, teach me how important it takes good care of my grandparents, actually, in my case my parents. It is overwhelming to see and read all those. When I look around I am happy to see so many children doing that is required, in their little ways of teaching their grandpa how to book a ticket through the internet on the railways’ website, or teaching their grandma how to interact with her other grandchildren or daughters through Skype, or other video calls. It is kind of cute how they learn and adapt just like our little darlings are doing now in their class.

So on this occasion of grandparent’s day, I am happy to see all the grandparents who took out time for their grandchildren and came with them to see the show they have put up, with the help of their teachers, parents, and in some cases, grandparents themselves. We celebrate this day to mark the importance of the relationship that holds a very important meaning in the lives of the little stars we teach and help prepare for a beautiful tomorrow. If we are the sculptors, you are the ones who provide us with the best of the material we require. Together we mold them as a strong, well built, amazing piece of God’s creation, each one having his or her own positives and negatives. We are but human – “To err is human and to forgive is God.” So despite our best efforts and intentions, there is always a scope for improvement in each person, including me and you. Thus focusing on the positives alone, I remain indebted to the Great people without whom the grooming of the little children would be incomplete. Thank you, grandparents, for being the part of your grand children’s lives and I hope your much-cherished support will be there always guiding your grandees like a lighthouse that shows the ship it’s way even on a stormy night. Your guidance and love make them strong each day. Thank you!

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Speech on Grandparents - For Students and Children In English

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