Speech on Water – For Students and Children In English

Water is an important natural resource without which no life can be imagined. Still, people exploit this major resource and cause wastage of water. Therefore, in the present times, we are dealing with an acute shortage of water. In order to spread awareness among people for a fair utilization of this resource, speech on the water is often seen to be delivered in public places. In fact, in school teachers often ask their students to recite briefly on the importance of water or how to save water. Keeping this in mind, both short and long speeches are covered here for your good reference point and develop a fair understanding of the topic.

Long and Short Speech on Water

Speech 1

Good Morning Dear Children – Hope you all are doing well!

As a principal of this school, I have been given the responsibility to visit each and every class and discuss their respective areas of concern. So today’s session is with your class. Since I personally feel that there is no such serious issue to discuss with you, but considering the scarcity of water and the way students are recklessly using water it has become important to raise this issue.

It has come into the observation of management that students splurge water without any actual need as a result of which the staff often runs into a severe situation of the water crisis. You all are Class-IX students and mature enough to understand that wastage of such an important resource as water should be strictly avoided.

Water, as we all know, helps bring and sustain life on our planet earth. It is such an important element for the living species that nothing is possible without it. After all, human bodies consist of 70 percent water. It is still possible to sustain ourselves without food for a month, but without water, we cannot survive even for a few days. Thus, water is extremely essential to sustain life on earth.

In fact, water is required for every activity that we do such as cooking, washing, cultivating crops and essentially for drinking. Without water life is unimaginable. Consider a place marred by the condition of drought where there is no rainfall and no water body; where plant-life is rendered dry and wasted! Can you imagine yourself at such a place? Of course not, right! Then, why do we not use water wisely?

Please understand that water contains such important chemical properties and compounds that are required to provide nourishment to the living cells of living creatures. Thus, water is an active life-sustaining agent. Other than this, it is also a vital source of energy. Water is used to generate electricity and it is also converted into steam, which in turn is used for vehicles attached to water power.

Thus, the importance of water cannot be overlooked. As a responsible global citizen, it becomes our responsibility to use this resource and in fact all other natural resources scrupulously. Spread awareness as much as you can in your immediate surroundings and try to stop the exploitation of scarce natural resources. Let’s take a pledge to never waste water or leave the tap running when not required. Every single drop of water counts so saves it for future generations. Take extra care while using water for such uses as washing your car or cleaning your porch because instead of using a channel directly get a bucket of water and take only the required quantity. This is all I have to say!

Thank you for patiently listening to me. I hope from now on, I will hear no complaints from the management because otherwise strict actions will be taken against students seeing flouting rules and regulations of our school.


Speech 2

Dear Society Members – Good Evening to one and all and I welcome everyone to the 21st monthly meeting of our Parsvnath Society!

Before we engage in any further discussion, let me bring to your attention the situation of the water crisis that Delhi is facing these days. I am sure you all are aware of the situation as even our lives have not remained untouched about this issue. As a secretary of the society, it becomes my responsibility to not give any inconvenience to the members and ensure the availability of resources. However, the situation sometimes goes beyond my control and I am not able to deliver my duties well. For instance, due to the shortage of water, sometimes I had to wake up for the whole night and still the motor couldn’t fetch water to fill the tanks because of which I had to call for the tankers.

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This not only causes a great inconvenience to me but also increases our society’s expenses. So I request all my society members to utilize water with extreme care and never let its even single drop go waste. This is not an individual problem, but a matter of concern for all of us. I, therefore, expect cooperation from each one of you at this time.

Now, the question that arises is how to deal with such a problem. The most pertinent step that can be taken towards finding solutions to the situation of the water crisis, as well as environmental preservation, is to change the attitude and habits of people, which applies to all of us. Save water in order to avoid extreme circumstances. Here, I would like to share with you a few simple things which can be done to ensure the preservation of water:

  • Try to look for ways every day with which you can save water. There is no reason to worry if you happen to save only a minimal amount as every single drop matters a lot. This way you can slowly and gradually make a big difference.
  • Ensure that you only use the required amount.
  • In fact, we can form groups of such people who are water-conscious and provide encouragement to our neighbors and friends to become a part of it. Let’s also start promoting water conservation in our community through bulletin boards and newsletters. We should encourage people around and even our co-workers to also make their contribution towards it.


  • Encourage everyone in your family to look for innovative ways of preserving water both inside and outside of their homes.
  • Please ensure that there is no leakage of water pipes at your home. If the leakage is there, then get the problem fixed immediately.
  • While brushing your teeth or rubbing your face with soap, turn off the tap.
  • Do not flush the toilet unnecessarily.
  • If you want to wash your car, use a bucket of water.
  • Never throw water which has been used for washing fruits, vegetables, rice or pulses. You can use it for mopping purposes or watering the plants.
  • You can also collect rainwater and utilize it for your various household works.

Thus, by adopting these small measures in our day to day lives, we can greatly contribute to preserving water. Now I request everyone to feel free to share their thoughts with us.

Thank You!


Speech 3

Dear Ma’am and My Dear Friends – Good Morning to all!

As today is my chance to deliver a speech in class on any topic of my choice, so I have chosen to talk about water, which is a life-giving source. You must be wondering why water and not any burning political or social issue. It is because water is one of the most vital elements on our planet earth. All living species need water to survive. Certainly, if there would be no water, life will come to an end. Everyone knows this, but still, when I see people wasting water or using it beyond a required quantity, I feel miserable and want to stop its unnecessary exploitation.

I agree that water is used for various purposes other than drinking. These various uses include:

  • Cooking
  • Moping
  • Washing clothes
  • Bathing
  • Washing the dishes
  • Recreation purposes, such as swimming
  • Watering plants or your garden area

In other words, water is quite essential for the sound growth of crops, plants and is also used in the making of various products. There are other uses of water, which are important on a national/global level. Such as:

  1. Striking a balance in the ecosystem

Water is not only needed for the survival of man but also has a major role to play in balancing the entire ecosystem in various ways:

  • Through its presence in the surroundings, it tends to absorb the sun’s rays.
  • The rainwater combs the hills and takes with itself the sediments into valleys, rivers, etc.
  • Infiltration of water into the crusts of rocks allows the growth of mineral deposits.
  • Water in Polar Regions found in cap forms influences geographical as well as climatic conditions.
  1. Water for Navigation

Waterways are a vital mode of transport. Transportation through waterways is considered cheaper in comparison with railways or roadways. Ganga is the main waterway that exists in the eastern region and there is the Brahmaputra that exists in the northern region, which is responsible for more than half of the traffic.

  1. Water for thermal power plants
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At thermal power plants, a big volume of water is required for the purpose of bringing down the temperature and disposing of the fly ash. Water is required for the generation of thermal power.

  1. Water for wildlife, fish, and recreation

Wildlife, fish, and facilities of recreation play a major role in building a nation’s wealth and heritage, for which an adequate supply of water is constantly required for their sustained development. Boating, swimming, and fishing are the pertinent recreational activities for the outdoors, which are not possible without water.

  1. Water for the Industrial Sectors

Water is required in big quantities in such industries as chemical, steel, textile, fertilizer, electricity, cement, paper and petrochemicals. Food and mining industries need water for various reasons, some of which are:

  • Cooling
  • Cleaning uses
  • Power generation
  • Air conditioning
  • Protection from fire

Thus, without water, we cannot imagine our existence on this earth and therefore we all should make conscientious efforts towards avoiding its wastage.

Thank You!


Speech 4

Esteemed Judges, Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, My Fellow Contestants, and Dear Friends – Good Afternoon to everyone!

Being one of the participants today, there is little nervousness as well as excitement to deliver the best speech I can. The speech topic for me is water.

The moment I say water, many of us will perhaps start imagining oceans, rivers, and seas. The sight of large water bodies always captures our minds and soul. Isn’t it? But when I talk about human survival, perhaps a very few water bodies have water that is fit for drinking. It is not just any water, but freshwater which is what sustains lives on earth and is extremely vital for human health. It cannot be denied that there is enough availability of freshwater for us on earth, but it is due to poor infrastructure or bad economics that millions of people tend to die from illnesses linked with an insufficient supply of water, lack of hygiene and sanitation.

The scarcity of water affects nearly half of the global population and the statistics are believed to even rise further. As per the estimation, about 783 million population, do not have clean water to drink and more than 1.7 billion population is presently surviving near river basins where water usage goes beyond its limit.

It is important that man has access to clean drinking water, including plenty of sanitation services in order to sustain his health. Water, as we all know, is the prime natural resource; however sadly 3 percent of this resource is freshwater out of which just 1/3rd of water is available for use in cities as well as agriculture. The remaining remains hidden too deep underneath the earth or lies frozen in glaciers. In the present times, the primary sources of water for more than 2 billion populations are aquifers, i.e. underground storage of freshwater. As we observe an increase in the income level of people globally, the need for water-intensive products, like dairy products, manufactured meat, and large-scale freshwater resources has also increased.

This large-scale increase in the consumption of fresh water has resulted in the depletion of more than half of the world’s biggest aquifers, a problem that is likely to grow as the demand grows. At this rate, the number of freshwater reserves that are available for consumption, food as well as meeting energy generation is expected to fall by 40 percent. And, as global warming increases climate change can pose a further challenge to our environment and ecosystem that conserve vital resources of water, thereby limiting access to natural resources even more.

The climate change is even influencing the rainfall pattern. However, the change in direction, as well as present impact, is commonly known. Our inability to deal with the unsustainable water usage will lead to bigger problems in the days to come.

Thus, it calls for adopting concrete measures towards preventing wastage of water and preserving the environment for our future generation in terms of effective management of water.

Thank You!